White Papers & Briefings

  • Feldschlösschen brews around 40 different kinds of beer. (photo: Feldschlösschen Getränke AG)
    Siemens AG  - 19.09.2017, 15:57

    A Modern Solution for a Traditional Brewery

    Feldschlösschen Getränke, Switzerland's largest brewery, has been upgrading fire safety systems incorporating ageing Siemens AlgoRex detectors to new IP-enabled Sinteso systems supplied by the German manufacturer.

  • Hubbub CEO, Trewin Restorick. (photo: Hubbub)
    Ecosurety Limited  - 14.09.2017, 16:51

    Resource Specialists and Charity to Promote Consumer Recycling

    Resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety has partnered with environmental charity Hubbub to increase consumer awareness of quality recycling in the UK.

  • Based on their scores in five categories, buildings may be awarded one of four levels of LEED certification. (photo: Hendrick Manufacturing)
    Hendrick Manufacturing  - 06.09.2017, 17:47

    LEED: The Way to a Sustainable Future

    A short guide to LEED building certification prepared by Hendrick Manufacturing.

  •  (photo: Triton, Inc.)
    Dustin Brooks  - 02.09.2017, 03:25

    Like Skin and Sunscreen

    There's a difference between a coating and a membrane, and it can be hard to draw the line at times. Dustin Brooks, Director of Sales at Triton Inc., explains...

  • (Photography: Juan Bernardo). (photo: Juan Bernardo)
    GRITIT Ltd  - 01.09.2017, 16:03

    Man versus Machine

    Although facilities management has not escaped the wave of digitisation that is transforming every segment of industry, pioneers of the use of technology in outdoor FM, GRITIT, argue skilled people will always be at the heart of service delivery.

  •  (photo: Siemens Financial Services (SFS))
    Ian Tyrer ,  Siemens AG  - 23.08.2017, 13:29

    Investing for Energy Efficiency

    Improving energy efficiency unlocks huge savings and offers businesses potential for reducing energy wastage and achieving energy compliance, according to Ian Tyrer, Head of Sales for Energy Finance at Siemens Financial Services (SFS).

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). (photo: Lucion Services)
    Lucion Services  - 17.08.2017, 12:54

    Asbestos in Schools

    A new campaign by Lucion Services highlights the hazards of asbestos-containing materials in older school facilities, and includes a white paper describing how scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is used for air quality monitoring in the United Kingdom.

  •  (photo: Confast)
    Concrete Fastening Systems Inc  - 19.07.2017, 02:02

    Fastening to Concrete in Retail Spaces

    Money, time and materials are critical assets to protect in busy retail environments where affixing objects to concrete properly eliminates wasted resources, according to Concrete Fastening Systems.

  • (Photography by Genildo Marcelo). (photo: Genildo Marcelo)
    Karen Balmforth  - 10.07.2017, 18:30

    Our Sustainable Office Move

    Karen Balmforth, office administrator at Ecosurety, explains why her company is moving from serviced offices to more sustainable premises.

  • (Photography by Andy Greenhouse). (photo: Andy Greenhouse)
    Ecosurety Limited  - 05.07.2017, 13:19

    Targeting the Employee Commute

    Tackling journeys to and from the office will dramatically reduce most businesses’ carbon footprint, according to resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety.