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    Dan Diehl ,  Paul O’Malley ,  Lou Ronsivalli  - 06.12.2018, 19:15

    Approaching Facilities as Strategic Assets

    Aircuity CEO Dan Diehl, strategic consultant Paul O’Malley, and GioVantage Strategies, LLC principal Lou Ronsivalli, provide their take on the digital transformation of building products and services.

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    Jane Embury  - 05.12.2018, 09:58

    Codifying by Catastrophe

    The appalling tragedy of Grenfell Tower is yet another reminder that fire and building regulations should constantly be under review and new building materials rigorously fire tested.

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    Will Richardson  - 30.11.2018, 13:02

    Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    Will Richardson considers the multitude of options available to help facilities managers and their clients reduce carbon emissions.

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    Andrew Shaw  - 28.11.2018, 15:43

    Are Building Age and Size a Hindrance?

    Andrew Shaw considers whether the age and size of buildings delimit options for upgrading safety protocols and security.

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    Jane Embury  - 23.11.2018, 17:22

    The Tetrahedron of Fire

    Jane Embury says national fire statistics rarely reveal the human cost of residential or commercial fires, and can even encourage complacency.

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    Park Kersman  - 21.11.2018, 13:05

    Why Coil Anodize Exterior Architectural Applications?

    Park Kersman, CEO and President of Lorin Industries, Inc. (which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year), makes the case for coil anodized aluminium over paint in exterior architectural applications.

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    Karen Lillywhite  - 21.11.2018, 12:35

    Why Cash is no Longer King

    Systopia's Karen Lillywhite considers the role of smart technology in transforming the United Kingdom into a largely cash-free society over the last decade.

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    Martin Reed  - 21.11.2018, 11:36

    Counting the Hidden Costs of Brexit

    Martin Reed, CEO of Incentive FM, says the impact of Brexit on the UK's facilities management will extend well beyond the job market.

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    Jane Embury  - 15.11.2018, 07:39

    Designing in Light

    Civic architecture is all about creating buildings that engage with their communities. It’s about creating places and spaces in which we are able respond positively to our surroundings at a human level., says Jane Embury.

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    Krishna Money  - 01.11.2018, 12:32

    Creating a Better Workplace Experience

    Be honest about your company culture when re-designing workplaces, says Platform design agency director, Krishna Money.