White Papers & Briefings

  •  (photo: Confast)
    Concrete Fastening Systems Inc  - 19.07.2017, 02:02

    Fastening to Concrete in Retail Spaces

    Money, time and materials are critical assets to protect in busy retail environments where affixing objects to concrete properly eliminates wasted resources, according to Concrete Fastening Systems.

  • (Photography by Genildo Marcelo). (photo: Genildo Marcelo)
    Karen Balmforth  - 10.07.2017, 18:30

    Our Sustainable Office Move

    Karen Balmforth, office administrator at Ecosurety, explains why her company is moving from serviced offices to more sustainable premises.

  • (Photography by Andy Greenhouse). (photo: Andy Greenhouse)
    Ecosurety Limited  - 05.07.2017, 13:19

    Targeting the Employee Commute

    Tackling journeys to and from the office will dramatically reduce most businesses’ carbon footprint, according to resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety.

  • (Photography by Chiral Jon). (photo: Chiral Jon)
    Jane Embury  - 05.07.2017, 12:58

    Codifying by Catastrophe

    Wrightstyle director Jane Embury adds her voice to the outrage surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire.

  • Bund before application. (photo: Belzona Polymerics )
    Belzona International  - 03.07.2017, 17:46

    Case-study: Composites for Bund Repair

    In February 2016, a global chemical company turned to Belzona International for a solution to protect a bund at a chemical plant in Scotland.

  •  (photo: Siemens Building Technologies)
    Eike-Oliver Steffen  - 27.06.2017, 15:55

    Working Smarter

    With reports associating smarter workplaces with better staff retention and productivity levels, Siemens Building Technologies' Head of Service and Solution Portfolio Eike-Oiver argues 'self-regulating', technology-enabled office spaces are becoming the norm.

  •  (photo: Belzona Polymerics Ltd)
    Belzona International  - 21.06.2017, 18:26

    Retail Therapy

    Welcoming thousands of visitors and hundreds of vehicles, shopping centres often require complex and exhaustive facilities maintenance. A case-study by Belzona focuses on the repair of flooring and cementitious products in a Brisbane shopping mall.

  • The Jet Towel Smart is available in a number of colour and finish options; the Building Centre chose silver to match its décor and create a sleek modern feel. (photo: Mitsubishi Jet Towel)
    Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.  - 15.06.2017, 15:48

    Getting Smart with Hand Drying

    London’s Building Centre is becoming ever more sustainable and energy efficient whilst also improving the experience of its users.

  • (Image credit: Daniel van der Steen). (photo: Daniel van der Steen)
    Jane Embury  - 24.05.2017, 17:03

    The Light Fantastic

    Earlier this year, the USA marked Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Jane Embury, marketing director at advanced glazing system supplier Wrightstyle, looks at light in the UK workplace.

  • (Photography by Jamie Hooper). (photo: Jamie Hooper)
    Dane McGraw  - 10.05.2017, 16:33

    Safety in Lead Abatement

    Dane McGraw, director of business development at Thomas Industrial Coatings, highlights the key resources that are available in the United States for asset owners and contractors battling lead.