Business Administration

  •  (photo: Pixabay)
    Cathy Spears  - 07.09.2020, 15:42

    What You Need to Know About Building a Business App

    Despite a marked increase in the number of new apps on Google Play and Apple's App Store, launching a native app requires considerable planning if it is to deliver your brand experience to potential customers.

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    Cathy Spears  - 05.08.2020, 22:53

    Establish a Facilities Management Company in China

    As facilities management differentiates itself from property management in China, new openings are becoming available to established European and U.S. service providers.

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    Cathy Spears  - 10.06.2020, 20:26

    The Case for Specialist Tax Consultants

    The long-term benefits of specialist tax accountants for businesses are frequently overlooked when discussion focuses too closely on their fees.

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    Andy Griffin  - 22.01.2020, 13:29

    Why Bots and Virtual Agents Are Changing Business

    Andy Griffin, CTO with disruptive BPO Woven, considers the unstoppable impact of AI on customer services interaction.

  • (Photography by Nik MacMillan). (photo: Nik MacMillan)
    Jackie Edwards  - 31.07.2017, 15:53

    Battles in the Boardroom

    Jackie Edwards provides advice on dealing with difficult personality types in business meetings.