Maintenance Engineering

  • Ben Taub Hospital in Houston after the hurricane. (Photography by Andrew Kragie, Houston Chronicle). (photo: Andrew Kragie)
    Harris Health System  - 25.10.2017, 21:48

    Holding Back Hurricane Harvey

    Even at the height of the heavy rainfall and high winds occasioned by Hurricane Harvey, engineering staff at Harris Health System’s Ben Taub Hospital continued to battle multiple leaks.

  • The ability to deliver in-house motor repairs will minimize costs (photo: Sulzer)
    Sulzer Ltd  - 05.10.2017, 17:34

    All Systems Go

    Facilities management (FM) is a highly competitive market with an increasing number of providers trying to offer the most cost effective contract. So, how does an FM company differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd?

  • (Photography by P. Aleksandra). (photo: P. Aleksandra)
    Saar Yoskovitz  - 29.03.2017, 01:01

    Distinguishing Operational Metrics from Mechanical Data

    Saar Yoskovitz, CEO and co-founder of Internet of Things (IoT) mechanical diagnostics platform Augury, discusses the data required for predictive maintenance (PdM) in facilities management.