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Keeping Small Business Premises Well Maintained

16.05.2019, 15:18

Keeping Small Business Premises Well Maintained

Regular preventative maintenance of small business premises is important for the safety of employees and customers, and engenders a positive workplace atmosphere

Maintenance scheduling also helps companies to meet and document statutory requirements, and has been demonstrated to benefit businesses in additional ways.

Increased Productivity

If premises are clean and well organised, your employees will be able to find supplies and equipment quickly. This means they’re not wasting time looking for things and can be more productive. A sense of pride is also generated when employees see the time and resources management invest in keeping their workplace clean, safe and efficient. If employees feel proud of their workplace, they’ll be motivated to be more meticulous.

Accurate Inventory Levels

Businesses in the retail and warehousing sectors which manage large inventories often rely on good organisation to facilitate stock-taking and ensure the accuracy of inventory levels. Additionally, they benefit from cost reductions associated with holding less inventory and better supply chain management that eliminates waste from overstocking (and even having to re-stock). The shelf life of inventory can also be better monitored, leading to inventory improvements that increase profitability.

Health and Safety Regulations Compliance

An employer is obliged to keep an organised and clean working environment and take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees and anyone else on your company premises. This means repairs must be done as soon as possible. It is possible to do much of the maintenance in-house as there are online stores you can buy collated drywall screws and any other kind of nails, screws, and fixings.

Creates a Good Impression for Your Customers

As well as employees being on the premises, you may also get visits from suppliers, business partners, and customers. If your business premises are looking a little worse for wear, cluttered, untidy and dirty, it’s not going to create a very positive impression. You may even find it puts customers off and they’ll choose to take their business elsewhere. As a small business owner, you must always be promoting yourself, and part of that self-promotion includes your employees and your business premises.

The winter is a long and distant memory, so now’s the time to take a good look around and check for any damage. Look for signs of damp, draughts, damage to the roof and gutters and make good before the damage gets worse. There are crucial repairs that are important, such as fixing a blocked drain, repairing the air conditioning when it goes wrong, but general property maintenance is also important. Any time spent fixing up your premises is well spent. Not only will your customers be impressed, your employees will be more motivated and productive.  

CAMFIL HVAC Filtration Solutions

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