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Fun Ideas for Team Building in London

07.02.2020, 14:09

Fun Ideas for Team Building in London

With better employee engagement high up on the priority list of many organisations, Cathy Spears investigates some of the team building activities London and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Team building activities are becoming as important for established companies and organisations, as they are for improving the effectiveness of start-up operations.  The good news is there are plenty of activity providers both in and outside the capital.

Treasure Hunts

The first activity that your London team are sure to enjoy is a treasure hunt. London is a big city and so this kind of activity can be very exciting and it something totally different. Team Tactics have designed a range of treasure trails across London so you don’t even have to do any of the planning for this kind of event. Your team will work together and get to the end of the trail hopefully better connected. Make sure to consider this when trying to build your team.

Cooking Competition

Whilst a competition might not sound like something that can make your team gel better together, you’ll find that competitive activities can actually be very fun. This is why we think that our cooking competition idea could work really well for your business in London. Simply put your team into separate groups and ask them to cook with certain ingredients. The best meal wins and your team will have to work together in order to achieve this.

Office Quiz

Another great fun team building idea for your business is an office quiz. This is something which can be quite easy to achieve as you can host it in your office and really get everyone involved. To do this, you will need to create a quiz or find one online that you can use. Then, split your office into various teams mixing departments who don’t usually interact with each other. This should help you to bring your team together and help them meet the rest of the office.

Adventure Sports

Next on our list of fun team building ideas for businesses in London is adventure sports. While it can be hard to enjoy some adventure sports if you are based right in the centre of the city, there are plenty of places nearby that you can try. If you can’t find anywhere that offers watersports like kayaking, you can always try rock climbing or abseiling. This will test your team and help them to come together.

Escape Rooms

Finally, you should consider taking your team to an escape room if you want to help them work better as a team. There are plenty of escape room locations across London and this activity has become very popular in recent years. In an escape room, your team will need to work together to crack codes and puzzles. Hopefully, this will help them to work better as a team and understand each other’s strengths more in the future.

Plan It Today

There really is no reason why you shouldn’t try some team building activities, especially if you are running a new team that doesn’t really know how to work together just yet. Team building activities can be tailored to suit your business and your location. Make sure to plan your activities and host these regularly in order to achieve your business goals.

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