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Signs Your Office Needs a Makeover

05.06.2020, 12:20

Signs Your Office Needs a Makeover

Your office’s design can have a direct impact on employee health, efficiency and morale.

Citing cost and disruption, many organisations delay remodelling their office spaces, paradoxically increasing both.

Continually reviewing your workspace provision is invariably the better option – particularly when determining if the time for a makeover is guided by simple tell-tale signs.


You’re Ashamed of the Space


If you’ve ever been hesitant to organise meetings with clients at your office, it means that you’re conscious that there’s something wrong with it. Not only shouldn’t you be ashamed of the space, but you should actually be proud of it. If you’ve ever felt ashamed, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to consider a fit-out.


Outdated, Decaying Appearance


This is one of the clearest signs that your office space needs to be renovated. If the look is outdated and old fashioned, this is not the kind of image that you want to project to the world and your employees. That doesn’t mean that you have to turn everything upside down, however.


An interior fit-out company will perform anything from small paint jobs and repairs to wholesale changes to your office space. RSS can perform commercial fit-outs depending on your needs and budget. They will also be able to work around you in order to allow your team to stay productive during the process.


Sometimes, simple changes like a new color scheme, lighting, and furniture can completely transform the look of an office. This could give your team an instant boost while allowing you to project a more modern and sophisticated image.


You’re Having Trouble Attracting New Talent


Does new talent seem to constantly fall through the cracks? Have you noticed a lack of interest in recruits soon after onboarding them?


While in some cases it might be because of your programs, you’d be surprised at how much your office space can have an influence on an employee’s perception of their job. Seeing grey walls, harsh lighting, and a claustrophobic layout can be enough to turn off a lot of employees, especially younger ones. So, if you haven’t changed your layout in a while, or aren’t aware of recent trends, then it might be time to give your office a careful and honest look.


Lack of Communication


Aesthetics is not the only purpose of office design. It also has to foster communication and collaboration between team members as well. You could waste a lot of time and productivity by having your employees run left and right to communicate or complete simple administrative tasks. Improving the space will not only help improve productivity but boost morale as well.


If you noticed any of these signs in your office, then it might be a sign that it’s time for a change. Make sure that you survey your employees as well and see if they have suggestions that could give you inspiration on which changes could be made.





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