Neutralizing Airborne Covid-19 Particles

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20.10.2020, 17:57

Neutralizing Airborne Covid-19 Particles

Industrial Maid has launched the AZTech I-Series of commercial and industrial air purifiers which are designed to protect people from airborne pathogen including COVID-19.

I-Series air purifiers use a patented technology called Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) that generates an electric charge to create a field of concentrated ions that travel through the airstream and neutralize particles, pathogens, and odors. The ions destroy pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen.

According to a study published in June 2020 by Innovative Bioanalysis, positively charged hydrogen ions generated from NPBI technology and binding to the COVID-19 virus can render 99.4% of viral particles inactivated on a surface after 30 minutes.

As ions disperse throughout a room, they attach to particles (including fine, sub-micron particles) of opposite polarity and form clusters. This effectively increases their mass and size, making the particles more easily filterable, which increases the capture efficiency of the air filtration system. The ions also steal hydrogen from pathogens rendering them inactive and unable to replicate. Additionally, the ions break down chemicals, gases and odors to harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide and water.


“When businesses use our new I-Series air purifiers, their customers and employees can rest easy knowing the air and surfaces are constantly being disinfected,” says Jeff Zvolanek, Industrial Maid co-founder. “By neutralizing the air and surfaces from deadly viruses such as COVID-19, our new air purifiers greatly increase the safety of people who congregate indoors.

“This process uses nature’s way of cleansing the air and leaves you with a clean and healthy indoor space that all but eliminates harmful viruses and odors so people can breathe easier.”

I-Series air purifiers are built with a multi-stage filtration system, which includes Mery 10 pre-filters and Mery 15 multi-pocket main bag filters, a 2-inch carbon odor bank, and the NPBI ionization final stage. This comprehensive approach provides active filtration of the air passing through the air purifier as the ionizer projects ions into the clean air stream. These ions treat in-room air by traveling into occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere they travel. Additionally, the purifiers kill mold spores and bacteria.

The patented NPBI technology has earned the UL 867 Electrostatic Air Cleaner Standard and the UL 2998 Ozone Free Certification.

The I-Series is being targeted at manufacturing facilities, schools, daycares, health and dental offices, grocery stores, fitness facilities, restaurants, hospitality and entertainment venues.

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