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DIY Tips for Making Your Home Your Own

16.03.2021, 20:03

DIY Tips for Making Your Home Your Own

With Covid-19 transforming how we work and live, the importance of our homes as comfortable, multifunctional spaces capable of accommodating the requirements of of our employers as well as our families, has never been greater.


Massive expenditure on upgrading our homes is rarely required, though, as imagination and basic DIY skills are often all that’s required to create the look we want and the functionality we need.


Below, we include professional tips that will help you get a classy, elegant and chic look in your house. We will show you how, with some minor purchases and a little manual labor, you can truly transform your home environment.

A Blank Canvas



When you look at a room, it is much like when an artist looks at a blank canvas. You are going to create art. To create a room that looks like it was designed for a person of wealth, you must look at it as if it were a beautiful older woman of class. You would dress this woman in charm and grace. You would use classic cuts and fabrics. You would use basic colors of white, black, cream, or tan. A splash of color is often very pretty in a room of neutral colors. But for a unique look, reverse the option. In a room of soft white, try painting the door charcoal gray. This gives you a “Wow” feature that draws the eye but does not take away from the decor of the room. Accessories would be expensive but simple. In a word, you would strive for elegance.


Enhancing your budget

Keep your eye on estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores for high-end pieces. You do not have to buy an entire set of anything to get good use of something. Watch for pieces with marble, solid wood, and crystal accessories. Call your favorite furniture stores and repair shops and find out where they sell miss-match pieces from damaged showroom sets or returns.


Visit your local artist’s community. Often they will have “starving artists” monthly sales. You can pick up beautiful artwork at very low prices. Mat the ones you like and frame them in large frames for larger areas.



© Hans Braxmeier


In the average home, people use overhead lighting for light. In a luxury home that is never the case. Lamps and built-in lighting are used for light. Use mirrors to offset lights for a beautiful and interesting look. Studies are equipped for reading. Breakfast rooms and family rooms have big and beautiful windows that allow natural sunlight in for an “at home” feeling. Entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, and sitting rooms are usually designed with lovely chandeliers. The chandeliers of today are alive with twists, turns, shapes, and color. A celebrity may spend over £25,000 for a custom chandelier, but there are affordable chandeliers for the average person.



There are a lot of ways to transform your bathroom. You can impress your guests with trendy fixtures like a floating sink, or a walk-in tub or shower. You can also install a heated tile floor. But it is not necessary to go ultra-chic in the bath. If you have followed the classic designs and ultra-rich hints above, there is no reason why you can not go a bit wild in the bathroom.


Consider a mysterious forest look with unusual plants, stones, and art. Think Islands, Amazon, or Island Rainforests. The key is to not overload the space. You want to see a beautiful forest, not get lost in one. Offset your green plants with sandy colors. Use stones in your settings.

Tips for new homes in 2021

You will see a few new changes in homes being designed for 2021. This is because people having homes custom-built are beginning to ask for some special designs. These additions will make their new homes easier to adapt to than their current homes in new circumstances. Here are a few considerations.


Solar power or Wind power – Going Green

While this has been around for a long time, people are getting more serious about equipping their homes with it now. With more people working from home and problems with energy, they want to make sure they have a way to power up even if several members of the family are working from home offices.


Bedroom suites with offices

For a long time we have included bathrooms in our bedroom suites. Now consider having an office designed within a bedroom area. This makes it easier to keep everyone happy within their space.

Note: check with your internet provider and find out if you need an internet hot-spot in order for your family to have a good connection when multiple people are working from their offices.


Entertainment room

Instead of having a family room and a formal living room, set up a media or entertainment room. This is a place where the family can gather to watch livestream, movies, listen to music, or just hang out. This should be a large room. Consider having a patio with French doors next to this room. Use sound protection on the walls and surround sound for a real theater experience to wow your guests.


Your home will look like it costs you a fortune with these additions, but none of them are excessively costly with a little planning. All of them increase the value of your home. The most important thing about elegant decorating is to remember, stay with the classics. Trends come and trends go. But fine furniture, chic furniture, and quality last forever. Buy your items one item at a time and build them over time.



  • Staff Reporter covers the latest news, trends and opinion from the facilities management (FM) and corporate real estate (CRE) sectors. The FM market is currently estimated to be worth USD 1 trillion annually and is projected to grow at a compounded annualised rate of approximately 5% between now and 2026.

CAMFIL HVAC Filtration Solutions

Staff Reporter covers the latest news, trends and opinion from the facilities management (FM) and corporate real estate (CRE) sectors. The FM market is currently estimated to be worth USD 1 trillion annually and is projected to grow at a compounded annualised rate of approximately 5% between now and 2026.
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