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Saving Trillions on Building Operating Costs

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12.04.2021, 15:38

Saving Trillions on Building Operating Costs

Sanjeevv Bhatia, CEO of IoT and AI based building automation solutions provider Netix Global, explains how Building Management Systems can optimise operational expenditure from day one.


Building management systems (BMS) and building automation systems (BAS) are the backbone of a real-estate portfolio’s lifecycle.



Often cited as a critical enabler of optimal performance, automation capabilities keep assets across a building portfolio running optimally, for longer.

However, across a building’s lifecycle, as occupants and service personnel change and equipment is either added or retired, existing BMS solutions are often rendered ineffective. Today’s building portfolios are often complex, and employ highly inter-dependent systems that can significantly impact performance.

An improperly maintained BMS results in elevated energy and equipment maintenance costs. “While high energy use is often accepted as an unavoidable operational expense, it is also the best area for cost reduction,” said Sanjeevv Bhatia, CEO of SB Group. “Typical annual savings on energy consumption can be as high as 30% with a well-maintained BMS. For instance, if your utility cost is US$ 300,000 a year, a fully optimised BMS can save you up to US$ 90,000 per annum”, Sanjeevv adds.

Achieving optimum building performance requires all equipment and systems to be performing effectively and efficiently. However, as legacy systems age, ensuring their upkeep becomes more difficult, especially if the system requires costly and customized solutions. With a wholesale replacement of assets too expensive to justify, upgrades are often overlooked.

The next generation of digital solutions is now addressing these limitations, adding to their value proposition with an open protocol approach to BMS. “Smart upgrades to legacy building management systems accrue cost savings from day one, and offset the capital expenditure involved in a relatively short period. With open protocol solutions, real estate businesses can take advantage of the best Proptech features in the market. Rather than only relying on outdated legacy hardware, newer systems can automate, inter-connect, and consolidate a multitude of automation systems for a more efficient, smarter building system” explained Sanjeevv.

The smart BMS upgrades advocated by Netix Global also have the advantage of being able to optimize all assets in a building portfolio from one central command and control center. “We have often seen two identical buildings, with similar occupancy levels, in the same portfolio, show vastly different energy consumption, with energy bills sometimes being almost double that of the other”, Sanjeevv elaborated.

“In instances such as this, integrated building management solutions is the inevitable next step to improve operations, ensure business continuity and drive significant cost savings in the long run”.

Achieving optimum asset performance, sustainability, cost-effectiveness and end user experiences requires an integrated approach that monitors and manages all automation across a portfolio, in real time. A well-maintained and agile BMS solution can be the most effective way to optimize real estate operations and enhance property value in the long run. “A perfectly running BMS plays an crucial role in determining a property’s market value. Apart from reducing operating costs, it helps maintain high occupancy rates through optimal performance, reduces tenant turnover, and helps an owner gain a competitive edge in the marketplace”, Sanjeevv reiterated.

About Netix Global BV

Headquartered in Hoofdorp (Netherlands), Netix Global BV is a vendor neutral iIBMS automation solutions provider, with a strong focus on sustainable smart buildings, smart cities and energy efficiency. The company’s global presence currently extends from Europe to the Middle East, USA, India, Singapore, with upcoming debuts in Canada and Australia, as well as active opportunities being pursued in broader markets. Building on the strengths of an open framework and IoT technology driven approach, Netix Global BV is a premier provider of best-in-class building automation systems, solutions and services. The company’s comprehensive industry expertise ranges from design, engineering, integration, connectivity, testing, commissioning and maintenance of smart building eco-systems, and their components. Netix Global BV’s products and services include an Integrated Control Command Center (ICCC); NETIX Uniview SUPRA, a feature rich supervisory software suite built on the Niagara platform; Managed services offering predictive maintenance for both buildings & machinery; Push to Talk global Mobile Apps that replace traditional Walkie Talkies; Smart Metering solutions and more. Underscoring the confidence that Netix Control Solutions stands out, as a class part, are the team behind this promising venture, who boast a collective experience featuring stints with Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens and Delta Controls.

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About Sanjeevv Bhatia

Sanjeevv Bhatia is the CEO of SB Group International subsidiary, Netix Global BV – a vendor neutral iIBMS automation solutions provider, with a strong focus on solutions for sustainable smart buildings, smart cities and energy efficiency, including the Integrated Control Command Center (ICCC) for remote monitoring & management of facilities. He is the force behind an impressive portfolio of companies, offering cutting edge products and services across the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. Managing Director and Partner at Teknoware Middle East, and CEO of ODS Global DMCC, Exenture Global BV, Netix Global BV and Exenture Films India Pvt Ltd, Sanjeevv’s urge to address unmet needs through innovation has found expression in an array of market leading ventures. A Master of Business Administration (MBA, Marketing and Finance) from the Southern New Hampshire University, Sanjeevv’s career of more than 20 years has been a meteoric rise, built on a strong work ethic, vision, and focus on people and partnerships.

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