New Build Cleaning: What It Is and How To Do It Properly

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28.05.2021, 10:50

New Build Cleaning: What It Is and How To Do It Properly

Preparing new build projects to welcome their first occupants invariably requires specialised knowledge and expertise.

Construction is a messy business. Plaster and cement dust, wood shavings, sand, bits of brick and mortar that get ground into tiny pieces, the general dirt and debris that gets traipsed in and out of a building during the course of a job – it all adds up.

Once a build has finished, all of this needs to be cleaned up. You can’t leave a new build home covered in dust and dirt for potential buyers to see of for new occupants to move into. It’s a bigger job than your standard property clean – that kind of dust quite literally gets everywhere.

It also means that if you approach it with your standard array of mops, brushes, cloths and detergents, you either won’t get the job done at all or it will take a considerable length of time. That’s why new build cleaning services have emerged as a specialist solution to a specialist problem.


How to thoroughly clean a new build

The first rule of carrying out a new build clean is to wait until all building works, inside and out, have been completed.

If you don’t, you are just wasting your time. If you try to clean one part of a property while work is still ongoing in another, you will just end up with dust and dirt being traipsed through to where you have just cleaned. Then you’ll have to go back and do it all over again.

New build cleaning also requires some specialist equipment. Given the sheer amount of dust that can accumulate over the course of a build, an ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner has no chance of being effective. In all likelihood, you will just end up breaking it. It takes an industrial-grade vacuum purpose-built for the rigours of post-construction clean-ups to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Another piece of equipment often brought in for a new build clean is a pressure washer. This is because you need to pay as much attention to the outside of a building as inside. Outdoors, the new property is likely to be smeared in mud, dust, stray bits of cement and mortar and so on. The quickest and easiest way to tackle this is with a pressure washer.

A successful new build clean also relies on doing things in the right order. The first part of the clean is to brush, sweep and vacuum everything thoroughly to remove as much dust and debris as possible before you move on to washing. If you leave a lot of dust and solid matter lying around before you start to wash, you will just end up making a giant mess.

It is also important to be thorough – really thorough. The dust and grime from construction literally gets everywhere, in places you wouldn’t normally think to look. Especially because so many new builds come with such a lot of built-in fixtures these days, it’s really important that you open all those doors and cupboards, and brush, vacuum and wipe down every single available surface. And yes, that’s a big job!

There are some parts that will require special attention. Windows, for example, might be brand new, but they smear very easily, which will stand out like a sore thumb if not cleaned properly before prospective buyers come round to have a look. You need good quality specialist glass cleaner and the right sort of cloths or blades to make windows sparkle – and as you need to clean them inside and out, extendable poles, too.

Carpets are another area to focus on. Again, even though they are brand new, they accumulate dust very easily, so as well as thorough vacuuming, it’s a good idea to use a carpet cleaner, too. Like windows, chrome and porcelain surfaces show up any leftover grime very easily, and will probably require specialist products to get them shining.

On that note, a final piece of advice would be to split a new build clean into two – first, focus on giving everything an ‘industrial’ clean to get rid of the dust, dirt and debris. Once that is done, you can treat giving everything a final polish as a separate job, when the objective is not so much to remove dirt but to make everything look (and perhaps smell) its absolute best.

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