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How Facilities Managers Can Make the Most of Advertising Spaces

19.10.2021, 22:42

How Facilities Managers Can Make the Most of Advertising Spaces

Making buildings, associated structures and outdoor areas available for commercial advertising opportunities can generate a new stream of income for facility and property managers, and building operators at a time when many are facing an increase in operating costs.


Know Your Market

With any advertising campaign, it is crucial that you understand who you are marketing to. This will largely depend on the location of your building and the type of traffic it receives. For instance, if your building is near a school, advertising for educational or child-related services could be ideal. Likewise, if you are located in a busy business park, then advertising for professional services could be perfect. 


Consider Clean Advertising

Clean advertising is an innovative way to make the most of all your potential advertising space. The idea is that you use a stencil and a pressure washer to ‘wash’ the advertising onto pavements. It works best in areas with plenty of footfall, so it could be ideal for pavements around buildings in city areas. 


Use a Projector

Projected advertisements can be a great way to make use of your building’s space. You can buy projectors for outdoor use that can then be pointed onto your building. Naturally, this kind of advertising is best done at night, so it is best used on a building that gets a lot of traffic day and night. It is also essential to ensure that the projection will be visible and not interrupted by anything on the façade of the building. You should ensure that the projection doesn’t have an impact on anyone still working in the building. 


Create a Mural

A mural can be a great way to give a building character while advertising. You could consider getting in touch with local artists to find someone to make your mural. You could turn any blank wall on your building into the perfect advertising mural. The other great thing about a mural is that, if done well, it will attract people to admire the artwork. This can lead to even greater notice as people share images of the mural online. 


Utilise the Best Sign Makers

If putting up signage as part of your advertising goals, it is crucial that you choose the best sign makers. You should look for a business with extensive experience in providing signs for businesses like yours and ensure they have a broad range of signage options and testimonials from satisfied customers. For an idea of what to look out for, check out the comprehensive selection of solutions provided by SignMan in Swindon. 


Make it Social Media Ready

Whatever type of advertising you choose, making it attractive and Instagram-ready can help drum up additional hype for the advert. We’ve all seen posts on social media of people posing with angel wing drawings on the side of buildings! You could consider finding a way to incorporate this into your advertising. Make it into something that people actively seek out and want to take pictures of and with. 


Know the Local Rules And Regulations

You should ensure that you understand the rules and regulations associated with any advertising you will put up. Not only will they need to adhere to the advertising laws set down in UK law, but they will also need to be acceptable to your local council and your neighbours. You should do your best to ensure that your advertising is suitable and doesn’t cause any issues for others using or passing by the building. 


Reach out to Local Businesses

If you’re looking to make income for your building through advertising, it is a good idea to get in touch with some local businesses to see if they could benefit. As mentioned above, it is best to contact companies that will be appealing to the kind of traffic your building sees the most. 


Final Thoughts

If you’re hoping to make the most of your advertising space, it is crucial that you consider all available space. You should think outside of the box to get the most out of the opportunities available. Always choose experienced and dependable signage companies to create the best possible advertising. It is also vital to consider the overall look of your building and avoid letting the façade and surrounding areas become overcrowded with advertising.

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