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How Online Brands Can Improve the Online Customer Experience

28.10.2021, 12:16

How Online Brands Can Improve the Online Customer Experience

The rapid expansion in online retailing since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic is prompting many online brands to re-imagine the customer buying experience.


Online shopping has increased at a rapid rate in recent years. In recent years, e-commerce has become a key component of global retail and in 2020 over 2 billion people purchased goods and services online. The pandemic and the lockdown measures made it even harder for traditional bricks and mortar stores to compete with the low prices online shopping outlets can offer to customers.

As a result, online brands selling products or services online must ensure they do as much as possible to optimise the online shopping experience for their customers. We have come up with a guide to how online brands can improve the online customer experience.

Have a Dedicated Digital Sales Teams in Place

A popular online brand selling thousands of goods or services to customers every day will of course require a large size digital sales team. This team will help deal with things such as processing orders, customer returns, refunds, payments, trouble-shooting IT issues with the e-commerce store’s website, deal with customer queries and so on.

Customer service team is a vital side of the digital sales team for any big online brand and play an important role in resolving any issues customers are encountering, answering their questions, and providing them with valuable information to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. A good customer service team that customers are satisfied with and find helpful will enable an online brand to retain loyal customers and also acquire plenty of new customers. Therefore, having adequate customer support in place can be the difference between a business making profits and prospering, or incurring big financial losses and going bust. Poor levels of customer service are also very detrimental for an online brand’s reputation as it’s so easy for customers to write poor reviews on customer review sites about their experiences with an online brand.

Digital Tools That Can Improve the Customer Experience

Digital technology provides online brands today with very wide range of customer support tools and different ways they can help and support online shoppers.

VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or ‘IP telephony’ essentially allows digital sales teams to receive and make calls to customers over the internet, instead of through landline telephone systems.

There are various benefits to online brands today using VoIP to improve their online customer experience.  One benefit is it tends to be cheaper than using landline telephone systems for customer service calls. Another benefit is its scalability given how easy it is to add new work phone numbers to existing devices through an app and without having to get any new hardware. Online brands growing quickly and regularly taking on new employees in large quantities will easily be able to connect colleagues to one another by using VoIP ‘internet phones’ to add work phone numbers so they can send messages and call one another.

Any business interested in looking into VoIP telephone systems to improve the customer service experience should perhaps visit and take a look at the business phone services that Open Phone offers.

Live Chats

Live chats mean that online customer support teams are able to find prompt solutions and give instant replies to any queries or issues that online may customers have whilst browsing through their website or online store. Offering a helpful online live chat is a method of providing a good quality online experience to your customers, and it may convince customers to go through with purchases from your online brand.

Social Media to Engage with Customers

Online brands should always strive to be wherever their customers are, therefore having an online presence across social media sites is very important in enabling modern businesses to interact and engage with their customers properly. According to a report, there were approximately 240 million social media users in the USA in 2020, meaning 72.3% of Americans were actively using social media sites monthly.

So, a great way for business to provide a top quality level of customer support and stay up to date on customer feedback issues is by interacting with customers on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. For example, an online brand can set up a company Twitter page especially for dealing with customer support issues. Customers can then send the brand direct messages or twitter comments to discuss their customer queries or provide customer feedback with their brand’s trained customer service team for online sales.

Produce Well Thought Out Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Another way online brands can improve the online customer experience is by coming up with customer satisfaction surveys and posing questions to gage their thoughts on the brand and the areas it could possibly improve in. Online brands should post optional online customer surveys through opt in email and SMS messages, and across their social media accounts. 

Receiving valuable customer feedback and information on things that they can do as a brand to elevate the online customer experience can help brands to make important decisions on how to improve the online customer experience. The old saying ‘the customer is always right’ applies to modern online brands and how they treat their customers.

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