What is Concrete Cutting and When Do You Need it?

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18.11.2021, 00:26

What is Concrete Cutting and When Do You Need it?

There are many commercial and residential settings when a precise area of concrete needs to be removed but determining whether the services of a professional are needed for your particular location can often be difficult.

As its name suggests, concrete cutting involves cutting concrete in a controlled manner. Typical applications requiring the services of professionals include removal of concrete to form passages or holes in a public space or residential property, and transport or utilities projects.

In Northwest Arkansas, for example, there are dedicated professional services that specialize in concrete cutting and can safely remove concrete in a way that maintains the structural integrity of the surrounding area. This is important to prevent the structure from collapsing.

What Tools Are Used for Concrete Cutting?


Professional converter cutting companies have the correct tools for cutting precise areas of concrete. Usually, vibrating tools are avoided to prevent disruption to the area. Instead, specialized blades are preferred to make precise cuts into the concrete.

Tools commonly used in concrete cutting include:

  • Wall sawing – this involves cutting an opening into an existing slab of concrete, most commonly a vertical wall, to make a hole for a door or window. A diamond blade would be used in this situation.
  • Slab sawing – this involves cutting a horizontal concrete floor, such as situations where roads or bridges are being constructed or underfloor plumbing needs to be fixed. A slab saw would be used for this type of concrete cutting.
  • Core drilling – you can use a large drill to cut holes into areas of concrete to make room for large piping systems or to repair electrical wiring. The holes can be of various sizes.
  • Wire sawing – this process is usually a last resort. It uses a wire that is made of multiple diamonds and works via a pulley system. A professional concrete cutter may use this method for larger-scale jobs.

Benefits of Getting a Professional Concrete Cutter

Hiring an experienced professional to precisely cut your concrete has a range of benefits.

Maintaining the Structural Integrity of a Property

It’s no secret that removing concrete is a high-risk job. There is always a risk of collapse or damage to the existing structures when you are removing part of the concrete. Hiring a professional to do the job will minimize the risk of anything going wrong so the structure remains intact.

High Precision

Professional concrete cutters have a range of high-quality tools that can be used to make precise and controlled cuts in vertical or horizontal concrete structures.

Whether you need to make room for a door or a large pipe, expert concrete cutting companies will be able to remove the exact amount of concrete for the job.

Quicker Completion Time

Many jobs that require controlled concrete cutting have tight deadlines. It might be the construction of a new bridge or the insertion of new bathroom pipes.

No matter what the job, expert concrete cutting companies can complete these jobs under strict time constraints using their high-quality tools. Since they are experts at what they do, there will be no delays in completion.

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