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What Are Commercial Heat Pumps and Why are they so Popular?

02.12.2021, 18:40

What Are Commercial Heat Pumps and Why are they so Popular?

The extraordinary impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on commercial energy bills is the latest in a series of price increases that have doubled costs for businesses over the past decade and driven renewed interest in energy saving measures including commercial heat pumps.

Against a backdrop of rising prices, it only makes sense to go for viable energy saving solutions. In this article, we share some details about one such solution that has a major potential when it comes to saving energy spent on heating commercial buildings in addition to several other benefits: commercial heat pumps.

What are commercial heat pumps and how do they work? 

Commercial heat pumps are a viable alternative to the kind of traditional heating systems installed in most commercial buildings. They can be used to supply heating and hot water to office buildings, warehouses, large industrial spaces, schools, university campuses, sports arenas, hospitals, and shopping centres, among other commercial establishments.

Heat pumps are designed to extract heat from an external space and then transfer it to an indoor space which requires heating. The working of a heat pump is similar to that of a refrigerator, but only opposite.

What are the different types of commercial heat pumps? 

There are three main types of commercial heat pumps available in the market: Air Source Heat Pumps, Water Source Heat Pumps, and Ground Source Heat Pumps. These heat pumps operate by absorbing heat from air, water bodies, and the ground, respectively. Out of these, air source heat pumps tend to be the most popular choice for commercial properties, because of their low cost, easy installation, and lack of paperwork required. With that being said, ground heat pumps are also a good choice, if consistent performance is an important point of consideration, since air and water supply can be unpredictable at times.

What advantages of commercial heat pumps make them ideal for use in commercial and industrial establishments? 

Commercial establishments can benefit from a number of advantages that come with the replacement of traditional heating systems with commercial heat pumps. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using commercial heat pumps:

More savings and significantly lower costs

Commercial buildings that switch from traditional gas heating to a commercial heat pump could save on energy costs by as much as £3000 annually, according to a study conducted by the Energy Savings Trust. In fact, by using a commercial ground source heat pump, it’s possible to save up anywhere from 30% to 50% on your energy costs. In addition to this, repair and maintenance costs of heat pumps are far lower than that of traditional heating systems.

Easy installation

Commercial heat pumps are easy to install and do not require extensive labour work.

Unparalleled performance

Heat pumps can offer far greater energy efficiency. In some cases, they can prove to be upto 400% more efficient than the standard heating systems.

Reliable source of energy

Needless to say, energy sources like air can ensure a reliable supply of energy and minimal workflow disruption, so you can expect far fewer system failures and continue your business operations with peace of mind.

Ability to provide both heating and cooling

Some commercial buildings require both heat and cooling systems to be installed together in their premises. Since a heat pump can effectively transfer heat from one location to another, it can provide both heating and cooling simultaneously.

Compatible with Building Management Systems

It’s possible to integrate commercial heat pumps with Building Management Systems (BMS) to deliver optimal heating as per your requirements, while making it easier to manage the heating needs for the various parts of your building.

More Environmentally Friendly

In addition to cutting energy costs, commercial heat pumps can also help companies significantly reduce their carbon footprint. By switching from traditional heating systems that rely on fossil fuels to a commercial heat pump that’s environmentally friendly, companies can send a message to their customers, stakeholders, and the industry that you’re serious about your green commitments.

Improved safety

Unlike traditional systems in which gas leaks and fires can occur any time, and temperatures can rise very quickly in a short span of time. Such issues don’t occur with heat pumps, making it easier for companies to comply with safety standards for their commercial or industrial premises.

For companies and industrial establishments that are planning to upgrade their traditional heating system to a more efficient and environmentally sustainable option, commercial heat pumps are worth investing in. Given the plenty of benefits that commercial heat pumps have, it’s clear why such innovative cleantech solutions are gaining popularity across the globe and in the UK as well.

Needless to say, commercial establishments can’t operate without having a reliable and affordable heating supply. By adopting commercial heat pumps for all the heating needs, businesses can not only cut energy costs, but also carbon emissions.


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