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QUIXX Launches Headlight Restoration Kit

Car headlights have been manufactured using transparent plastics for decades. However, sun, dirt, acid rain and salt cause them to yellow or tarnish and even prevent proper function.

Severely fogged headlights can reduce vision by up to 50 per cent, making it difficult to see the roads and to respond to hazards at night. Oncoming vehicles could also be blinded and an accident can easily occur. Moreover, the “worn-out” headlight lenses impair the appearance of the vehicle, something that may even have an impact on the resale price.

Thankfully, the new QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit (retail price €18.95) provides a quick and easy solution according to its manufacturer, Munich-based E.V.I. GmbH.

E.V.I. cites research confirming the average age of cars in many European countries to be more than 10 years, and increasingly severe winters and summers as a result of climate change, as reasons for the launch.

Sporting a “Made in Germany” label, the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit contains all the necessary components for an inexpensive and effective do-it-yourself restoration, with the manufacturer also releasing a step-by-step guide.

Simply polish out the scratches

Just a few steps to clear visibility. First step polishing: First, mask off the area around the headlights and then clean and moisten the surface with water. Next, the sandpapers (2000, 3000 and 5000 grit) are used one after the other. It is essential to always use the sandpaper wet and to clean the surface with water between sandings. The correct sanding movements are described in detail in the instructions so that an optimal result is achieved. The QUIXX polishing paste is applied after drying and the whole surface is polished to a mirror finish. The scratches are removed, the lenses are clear and transparent once again. Time for the sealant: This is simply applied, spread and left to work for five to ten minutes, then polished away. Salt, grit, ice, dust, road dirt and UV radiation no longer stand a chance thanks to this long-lasting protective layer. Now all that remains is to remove the adhesive tapes.

Maintaining value, sustainable and cost-effective

The QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit is highly impressive on first sight for its unbeatable price and manufacture in Germany. The product also meets the demands of the times thanks to its FSC-certified folding box and its sustainability: The idea of “repairing instead of replacing” maximizes customer benefit, ensures maintenance of value, enhances driving safety and in the long term is easy on the wallet as well as the environment.

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