Making Warehouses More Efficient

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Warehouses are an essential part of a supply chain but tweaks to their design and upgrading technology can improve workflow efficiency.

Going back to the drawing board by revisiting a warehouse’s layout is usually a good starting point for establishing which solutions will make life easier for operatives.

Assess The Current Use Of Storage Racks and Shelving

Before you take any steps to make your warehouse more efficient, you should assess what you already have. The first element you should focus on is your storage solutions. Look at the way your shelves and space are currently used. Perhaps you might even find out that you need to replace some of the shelves and other storage. Companies such as Bradfield Storage Handling could help you to find the right warehouse storage for you. That way, you could optimise the processes and help your employees to become more productive. If you’re unsure where to start, contact the team of professionals and find warehouse storage solutions that will meet your requirements and needs.

Keep The Warehouse Clean


Maintaining your warehouse in a clean state is one of the best things you can do to improve its efficiency. Even an hour or two per week dedicated to cleaning could make a significant difference to your processes. You might be able to find misplaced orders and take time to rectify the situation. Keeping the place clean could also help you to create a safer environment. With no clutter on the ground, your employees might lower the risk of falling or tripping. Clear pathways could also make it easier for them to move around the space and fulfil the orders of your customers faster. So, ask your employees to help you to keep the space clean. Alternatively, you could hire a team that would be responsible solely for keeping the warehouse in order.

Equip The Warehouse With Labels And Signs

Finally, you should consider placing labels and signs throughout the warehouse. Especially new workers could find it easier to find everything they need to complete their tasks successfully and make the space more organised. It would also be a great way to support any temporary employees that join your organisation. On the other hand, you should also consider placing signs throughout the warehouse. That could help your employees to stay aware of any risks and hazards. To make your efforts as effective as possible, make sure that you replace the signs and labels regularly. As time goes by, they might fade and become difficult to read. Replacing them could help you to create a long-term strategy that will keep the warehouse organised and allow all the employees to become more productive.

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