Establishing ‘Bee-friendly’ Gardens

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Bees are essential pollinators, helping plants reproduce and thrive. With the decline in their populations worldwide, creating a safe green outdoor spaces is more important than ever, and essential for supporting the larger ecosystem.

Crops that depend on pollination are five times more valuable than those which don’t, and bees play a vital role supporting the human and animal food chain.

Climate change, unsuitable cold and wet weather conditions, the use of pesticides, pests, diseases and loss of forage threaten their existence, and a few simple measures can create new habitats allowing them to thrive.


Plant a range of flowers in gardens so bees have access to nectar from March to October. In the UK, bees love traditional cottage garden flowers and native wildflowers, like primrose, foxglove, and marigolds.



Providing a small amount of water such as a bird bath or water feature for bees can help with survival rates by keeping them hydrated and healthy. Bees also use water to cool down hives when temperatures rise.

Avoid disturbing hives

Disturbing bees can be dangerous and cause them unnecessary stress, so it’s best to leave them alone unless absolutely necessary. Bumblebees and honeybees are unlikely to sting while they are going about their business of collecting nectar and pollen when left alone.

Create a bee house

You can build or provide bee houses in domestic or office gardens and even on balconies so they have a safe place to rest and breed without the threat of predators. But bee houses must be positioned away from children and pets in a quiet location.

Avoid using pesticides

Pesticides and insecticides in garden spaces are also damaging to bees and should be avoided. 

With only a little time and planning we can all do our bit to help our bees thrive in residential and commercial garden spaces.

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