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A career in construction can be difficult but satisfying, since you will have the chance to acquire many skills and work on exciting projects. There are also various career paths that you may want to explore to find the right opportunity for you. This is why today we have prepared a handy guide, that you can use to find out what steps you will need to take to start building a successful career in construction.

Develop The Right Skillset

The first essential step that you will need to take, if you want to succeed in your career in construction will be to develop the right skills and attitude. No matter where you work or with whom, communication is a crucial element to consider. This will also help you build a good working atmosphere, if you want to become a construction project manager. Moreover, you will need to learn how to solve problems quickly, as you will likely face various challenges. You will need to stay organised if you want to ensure everything runs smoothly. Last but not least, you will need to be strong physically, so it can be a good idea to increase your stamina.

Other skills you may want to develop could be:

  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • numeracy
  • logical thinking
  • technical expertise and interest

Sign Up For Relevant Training


Training is a key part for anyone who wants to work in construction, so you may want to do some research to see what is required. For example, you may need to go through health and safety training to ensure you know how to stay safe on site. You will also need to learn how to work with different pieces of equipment, such as telehandlers. Therefore, it can be beneficial to look for telehandler training courses, which will allow you to learn how to use this multi-purpose machine. Thanks to Eagle Platforms, you can take part in a dedicated training course, after which you will be able to safely operate telehandlers on site.

Gain Experience

Next, it can be helpful to figure out how you can gain valuable experience, which will open doors for you later on. There are many possibilities to explore and you may even wish to apply directly for jobs, which will allow you to develop the knowledge you need by working with experienced professionals. It’s likely that your employer will want to support you with additional training opportunities to accelerate your growth and learning. If you want to get a quick idea about the industry, you can get involved in a few volunteering opportunities.

Consider Various Career Paths

Once you have taken the time to develop key skills and get to know the construction sector, you will need to choose a career path that you would like to pursue. For example, if you want to become a construction manager, you will need to be prepared to create cost estimates, order materials, and manage a team effectively.

Other options that you may consider include:

  • Building surveyor
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Estimator
  • Site engineer
  • Urban designer
  • Facilities manager
Cathy Spears

Cathy Spears is a blogger with a passion for education, real estate, architecture, design and new technologies.


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