CAMFIL HVAC Filtration Solutions

Innovative Solutions Facilities Managers Can Use To Save Time On Admin

Facilities management encompasses a wide range of duties. While cleaning, maintaining and inspecting equipment and property is vital, for every physical project you do, there’s a stack of paperwork to be completed.

With managers across almost every industry spending more than half their working days on admin and meetings, it’s clear that they need to find ways to streamline this operation. That’s particularly true for facilities managers, who have many vital tasks to complete and can’t spend hours on paperwork and form-filling. These 4 solutions are all essential for any facilities manager looking to save time on admin and make the most of their valuable resources.

Asset Management Tools

Managing your inventory of cleaning supplies, equipment, and materials can be difficult, especially in large organisations. Thankfully, there are many barcoding tech solutions you can use to mark each item and store its details in a database, which can remind you when you’re running low on a specific product or when equipment needs maintenance. To use these asset management systems, you’ll need a continuous inkjet printer to create the labels and ensure that they are easy to scan and input into your system. Providers like I-mark offer a range of options, so you can select the one that offers the functions you require to manage your inventory effectively.

Laser Measures


When you’re measuring up for specific projects, such as fitted structures, accuracy is key. If you get the wrong amount of material, you could hold the project up and potentially incur additional costs. To reduce the chances of human error, consider using a laser measure instead of an ordinary tape measure. Laser measures are more accurate and are easier to read, as they give you the exact size on a display, without the need for you to read the measurement yourself and potentially get it wrong. So, a laser measure is a must-have for any facilities manager who doesn’t want a headache later on in their projects.

Scheduling Systems

Facilities managers have to deal with many schedules, including rotas for staff, dates for maintenance checks and delivery times. Keeping all of these times and dates in your head, or using a manual calendar, can be fraught with difficulties and often lead to things being missed. With the help of specially-designed facilities management software, leaders in this space can schedule everything they need and see it all in one place. You can also get alerts when essential maintenance is due, so that you never miss an inspection again.

Payroll And Timesheet Software

For large facilities management contracts, you might be working with several team members, including your in-house workers and outside contractors. Managing their pay and checking timesheets is a big job, which is why most companies will use digitalised timesheets and payroll tools. While you’ll still need to approve sheets and review invoices, you can save time by having everything on one screen and will be able to manage it more effectively with a payroll software solution. Also, you’ll be able to save paper, which is great for the planet and your budget.


CAMFIL HVAC Filtration Solutions

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