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Lean all-round solution: access control by Glutz at the Raiffeisenbank in Solothurn

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Glutz security solutions installed in Solothurn's historic centre.

Solothurn, 6th February 2014 - Solothurn's iconic St Ursus Cathedral is only a few metres from the entrance to the new Raiffeisenbank building. During its two-year construction, a true jewel was created behind the historic façade of a typical old city building. The bank has been open to its customers since the spring of 2013. Anyone who enters here expecting to find a busy counter hall can only rub his eyes in surprise: the bank’s reception area radiates calm and understated elegance and the visitor’s gaze is captured by a spectacular vertical plant installation.
Intelligent doors facilitate work processes
The relaxed atmosphere in the bank has been created with a purpose. “We focus entirely on advice and have built and fitted out our bank accordingly. We want our customers to feel at ease here and be able to move around as freely as possible”, Richard Burgener, Chairman of the Bank’s Management Committee, explains. That concept has had a direct influence on the design of the access control system. It is guided by the routes which customers and staff follow in carefully designed work processes. Each single door has been fitted with the specific access components required by its role in the processes. The stringent criteria imposed by the Raiffeisen headquarters also had to be met. Thanks to its broadly based solutions, Glutz has been able to meet every need. The 26 doors and two high security entrances are operated – depending on the security profile – with chip cards, personal codes, fingerprints or combined access media.
Server? No thanks, not needed
The Glutz mechatronic access system runs without a server on its own network. Two Glutz controllers perform this task. That enables the complexity to be reduced and expenditure for operation and maintenance kept down, so bringing the benefit of lower overall costs. The Glutz controllers perform redundant data backup - including log files. With its integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the system has optimum protection against failures. The components used, including the Glutz controller, biometric and RFID elements, were thoroughly tested and proved to be extremely reliable.
All interfaces fully under control
The two high-security entrances are fully integrated into the access system and equipped with RFID and code, or code and biometrics, depending on the security processes. The Glutz access system is linked to the alarm facility via an interface. If new criteria and needs emerge, the system can easily be extended and adjusted thanks to its flexibility and spare capacity.
Easy for users, easy for the managers to maintain
Definition and management of the access entitlements could not be easier, Doris Kaufmann, in charge of Management Support, points out: “We did not want to have to call upon the services of external specialists; we were keen to remain independent. We need to be able to issue or de-activate entitlements at short notice. Learning how to program access entitlements and other system functions takes just two hours”. The system is very convenient for employees to use: they can enter all permitted zones with a single access medium.
Security and design from a single source
The access solution fits in harmoniously and discreetly with the general appearance of the building. That is where Glutz design expertise comes into play – the door and window handles made in Solothurn are stylish and contribute to the elegant modern atmosphere. Doris Kaufmann and Richard Burgener welcome the fact that “The solution is successful in every respect, and we are happy to demonstrate and recommend it to other Raiffeisen banks. We were impressed by the exemplary cooperation between all the project partners: that is why everything worked perfectly on inauguration day”!

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