In Focus

  • The Jet Towel Smart is available in a number of colour and finish options; the Building Centre chose silver to match its décor and create a sleek modern feel. (photo: Mitsubishi Jet Towel)
    Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.  - 15.06.2017, 15:48

    Getting Smart with Hand Drying

    London’s Building Centre is becoming ever more sustainable and energy efficient whilst also improving the experience of its users.

  • Feldschlösschen brews around 40 different kinds of beer. (photo: Feldschlösschen Getränke AG)
    Siemens AG  - 19.09.2017, 15:57

    A Modern Solution for a Traditional Brewery

    Feldschlösschen Getränke, Switzerland's largest brewery, has been upgrading fire safety systems incorporating ageing Siemens AlgoRex detectors to new IP-enabled Sinteso systems supplied by the German manufacturer.

  • Hubbub CEO, Trewin Restorick. (photo: Hubbub)
    Ecosurety Limited  - 14.09.2017, 16:51

    Resource Specialists and Charity to Promote Consumer Recycling

    Resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety has partnered with environmental charity Hubbub to increase consumer awareness of quality recycling in the UK.

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). (photo: Lucion Services)
    Lucion Services  - 17.08.2017, 12:54

    Asbestos in Schools

    A new campaign by Lucion Services highlights the hazards of asbestos-containing materials in older school facilities, and includes a white paper describing how scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is used for air quality monitoring in the United Kingdom.

  • (Photography by Andy Greenhouse). (photo: Andy Greenhouse)
    Ecosurety Limited  - 05.07.2017, 13:19

    Targeting the Employee Commute

    Tackling journeys to and from the office will dramatically reduce most businesses’ carbon footprint, according to resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety.


  •  (photo: Staverton)
    Paul Edward  - 21.12.2017, 12:46

    Cultivating Creativity through Office Design

    Paul Edward, managing director of award-winning furniture designer and manufacturer Staverton, says good communication and variety are key to the perfect office environment.

  • One Bryant Park, New York. (Photograph courtesy of The Durst Organisation). (photo: The Durst Organisation)
    Dan Diehl  - 12.12.2017, 15:59

    Beyond 72 Degrees and Sunny

    Aircuity CEO Dan Diehl discusses the changing conversation about indoor environments.

  •  (photo: )
    Richard Harris  - 29.11.2017, 23:28

    Smarter Workplaces: Integrating People and Technology

    As businesses embrace new technologies, Richard Harris, director of B2B market network Okappy, considers the impact on people - the cornerstone of any workplace.

  •  (photo: Cameron Forecourt Ltd)
    Barry Jenner  - 09.11.2017, 15:10

    Reconciling Fuel

    Cameron Forecourt's managing director Barry Jenner argues Fuel Stock Reconciliation is one of the most useful tools available to fuel operators fighting leaks and theft.

  • Crews erecting a steel support for a solar panel installation on top of the social science parking structure at UC Irvine. (Photograph by Steve Zylius). (photo: Steve Zylius)
    Dan Diehl  - 18.10.2017, 17:15

    The Safest Recipe to Follow

    Although research laboratories hold the key to energy savings for many universities, Aircuity, Inc., CEO Dan Diehl, urges campus managers to avoid cutting safety corners by adopting a template from the University of California, Irvine (UCI).

  • The ability to deliver in-house motor repairs will minimize costs (photo: Sulzer)
    Sulzer Ltd  - 05.10.2017, 17:34

    All Systems Go

    Facilities management (FM) is a highly competitive market with an increasing number of providers trying to offer the most cost effective contract. So, how does an FM company differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd?

  •  (photo: )
    Richard Harris  - 05.10.2017, 19:26

    Empowering Facilities Management

    Richard Harris, director of B2B market network Okappy, identifies four technologies which are making a big impact on facility services delivery.

  • Based on their scores in five categories, buildings may be awarded one of four levels of LEED certification. (photo: Hendrick Manufacturing)
    Hendrick Manufacturing  - 06.09.2017, 17:47

    LEED: The Way to a Sustainable Future

    A short guide to LEED building certification prepared by Hendrick Manufacturing.

  • (Photography: Juan Bernardo). (photo: Juan Bernardo)
    GRITIT Ltd  - 01.09.2017, 16:03

    Man versus Machine

    Although facilities management has not escaped the wave of digitisation that is transforming every segment of industry, pioneers of the use of technology in outdoor FM, GRITIT, argue skilled people will always be at the heart of service delivery.

  • (Photography by Chiral Jon). (photo: Chiral Jon)
    Jane Embury  - 05.07.2017, 12:58

    Codifying by Catastrophe

    Wrightstyle director Jane Embury adds her voice to the outrage surrounding the Grenfell Tower fire.

  •  (photo: Siemens Building Technologies)
    Eike-Oliver Steffen  - 27.06.2017, 15:55

    Working Smarter

    With reports associating smarter workplaces with better staff retention and productivity levels, Siemens Building Technologies' Head of Service and Solution Portfolio Eike-Oiver argues 'self-regulating', technology-enabled office spaces are becoming the norm.

  • (Photography: Michael & Christa Richert). (photo: Michael & Christa Richert)
    Ecosurety Limited  - 10.05.2017, 13:15

    Brexit and the True Cost of Waste

    Leaving the EU could result in ‘two tier’ supply chains between the UK waste and recycling industry and those of Europe, according to resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety.

  • Repair effected using polymeric membrane system. (photo: Belzona International)
    Belzona International  - 04.05.2017, 00:52

    The Case for Polymeric Membranes

    Belzona International explain why polymeric membranes are increasingly displacing traditional materials used for the repair of flat roofs.

  • (Photography by Carl Dwyer). (photo: Carl Dwyer)
    Gregory Blondeau  - 28.03.2017, 02:39

    The New Skillset for Success in Facility Management

    When CEO of visitor management software company Proxyclick Gregory Blondeau asked leading IFMA members and facilities management commentators what it takes to succeed in the industry today, the answers he received were surprisingly uniform.

  • (Photography by Maurice Schadee). (photo: Maurice Schadee)
    Peter Janis  - 02.03.2017, 10:22

    Better Communication and Productivity

    Primacoustic CEO Peter Janis discusses the quality of sound and sound insulation in commercial and public buildings.

  •  (photo: )
    Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord ,  TOPdesk USA Inc.  - 15.02.2017, 02:52

    A Serious Process

    President of Topdesk USA Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord explains how software is used to manage corporate room reservations and deliver related soft facilities management workflows.

  • Peter Scott, CEO of Fern-Howard Lighting and the LIA's new President. (photo: The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA))
    Peter Scott ,  The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA)  - 27.01.2017, 16:29

    Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

    Peter Scott, President of The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA) and Fern-Howard Lighting CEO, discusses the impact of LED technology, BIM, insurance warranties, and more on the development of lighting - and how the industry's largest trade association in Europe is adapting.

  • The Robot Building, Bangkok, Thailand (designed by Sumet Jumsai na Ayudhaya, architects). (photo: )
    Service Works Group (SWG)  - 28.11.2016, 23:45

    Top Tech Trends for FM in 2017

    The tech revolution across all industries continues at a rapid pace and 2017 will see more innovation than ever before.

  • (Photography by Karem Yucel). (photo: Karem Yucel)
    Colin Hardman ,  Gibbons Engineering Group  - 24.10.2016, 09:44

    Time to Act

    Despite all the recent fuss from our colleagues in the air-handling press over indoor air quality (IAQ), Head of Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions Colin Hardman asks whether things have really changed at all over the years.

  • (Photography by Jean Scheijen). (photo: Jean Scheijen)
    Koen Matthijs ,  MCS NV  - 17.10.2016, 11:20

    The Technological Transition

    Koen Matthijs, Chief Executive Officer of software solutions company MCS, on how technology is transforming the role of facilities manager.

  •  (photo: Vanquish Integrated People Solutions)
    Christian Berenger  - 22.06.2016, 22:06

    The Final Piece of the Security Puzzle?

    Organisations risk compromising security by failing to monitor and limit visitor access, warns Vanquish Integrated People Solutions' operations director, Christian Berenger.

  • Photograph: Ove Tøpfer. (photo: Ove Tøpfer)
    Scott Baker ,  NG Bailey  - 22.03.2016, 12:53

    High Capacity Connectivity for Tomorrow’s Smart Buildings

    Scott Baker, Head of New Business at NG Bailey’s IT Services division, explores how specialist value-added resellers (VARs) are using new technologies to future-proof wireless access within the smart buildings of tomorrow.

  •  (photo: Wrightstyle)
    Tim Kempster  - 07.01.2016, 22:19

    A Transparent Solution to Noise Pollution

    Tim Kempster, managing director of global glazing systems supplier, Wrightstyle, considers the sound absorbing properties of glass.

  • (Photograph: FLIR Systems). (photo: FLIR Systems)
    Michael French  - 12.10.2015, 14:21

    Why Everyone Should Have A Thermal Imaging Camera in Their Toolbox

    Michael French, a thermography expert with UK test equipment supplier ISSWWW, considers the many applications for thermal imaging cameras within building maintenance and facilities management.

  • (Photograph: Mike Munchel). (photo: Mike Munchel)
    Jane Embury  - 06.09.2015, 22:59

    Terminal Stupidity and Innocuous Fires

    Jane Embury, marketing director at specialist steel and aluminium glazing company Wrightstyle, looks at how fires can be started accidentally or stupidly.

  • Photograph courtesy of Alisman (photo: Alisman)
    FM Magazine  - 26.11.2014, 17:01

    All Things Being Unequal

    With The Prince's Trust and HSBC Bank calling on building contractors to fill widely-reported skills shortages with apprenticeships, FM Magazine considers the advantages of alternative entry routes into construction.

  • (Photograph: Roland Maier) (photo: Roland Maier)
    Jay O'Brien  - 07.07.2013, 12:48

    The social "Wall of Fame": networking fad or business necessity?

    FM Magazine invited rising California real estate star, Jay O'Brien, to shed light on how Facebook and Twitter can be used as sales tools.

FM Magazine

Best Practice

  • London Business School. (photo: London Business School)
    Servest Group  - 20.12.2017, 18:58

    Stimulating Learning

    The quality of the learning environment impacts considerably on the student experience - as well as the performance and wellbeing of academic and ancillary staff, according to integrated services provider Servest.

  •  (photo: Lukas)
    Pete Hancox  - 17.11.2017, 16:12

    Chain of Responsibility

    Statistics show the fire industry needs to educate tenants on who to speak to regarding fire door safety, says Allegion Commercial Leader, Pete Hancox.

  •  (photo: )
    Richard Renwick  - 24.10.2017, 09:51

    Implementing Green Practices

    Richard Renwick, managing director of industrial brush manufacturer Brushtec, explains how his company lowered overheads and increased profitability by implementing greener practices.

  • Photography by Mike McCaffrey. (photo: Mike McCaffrey)
    Pete Hancox  - 19.10.2017, 12:01

    Inspecting Your Fire Door

    With Fire Door Safety Week approaching, Allegion's Pete Hancox provides pointers on conducting door inspections.

  •  (photo: Triton, Inc.)
    Dustin Brooks  - 02.09.2017, 03:25

    Like Skin and Sunscreen

    There's a difference between a coating and a membrane, and it can be hard to draw the line at times. Dustin Brooks, Director of Sales at Triton Inc., explains...

  • A family house near Ulm demonstrates convincingly that sustainable buildings can also be strikingly beautiful. Photograph: Zooey Braun, Stuttgart, Germany. (photo: Zooey Braun)
    Professor Werner Sobek  - 07.04.2014, 06:19

    Sustainable Architecture for the 21st Century

    Mies van der Rohe Chair in Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and multi-award winning architect, Professor Werner Sobek, discusses the influence of sustainability on design.

  •  (photo: Siemens Financial Services (SFS))
    Ian Tyrer ,  Siemens AG  - 23.08.2017, 13:29

    Investing for Energy Efficiency

    Improving energy efficiency unlocks huge savings and offers businesses potential for reducing energy wastage and achieving energy compliance, according to Ian Tyrer, Head of Sales for Energy Finance at Siemens Financial Services (SFS).

  •  (photo: Confast)
    Concrete Fastening Systems Inc  - 19.07.2017, 02:02

    Fastening to Concrete in Retail Spaces

    Money, time and materials are critical assets to protect in busy retail environments where affixing objects to concrete properly eliminates wasted resources, according to Concrete Fastening Systems.

  • (Photography by Genildo Marcelo). (photo: Genildo Marcelo)
    Karen Balmforth  - 10.07.2017, 18:30

    Our Sustainable Office Move

    Karen Balmforth, office administrator at Ecosurety, explains why her company is moving from serviced offices to more sustainable premises.

  • Bund before application. (photo: Belzona Polymerics )
    Belzona International  - 03.07.2017, 17:46

    Case-study: Composites for Bund Repair

    In February 2016, a global chemical company turned to Belzona International for a solution to protect a bund at a chemical plant in Scotland.

  •  (photo: Belzona Polymerics Ltd)
    Belzona International  - 21.06.2017, 18:26

    Retail Therapy

    Welcoming thousands of visitors and hundreds of vehicles, shopping centres often require complex and exhaustive facilities maintenance. A case-study by Belzona focuses on the repair of flooring and cementitious products in a Brisbane shopping mall.

  • (Image credit: Daniel van der Steen). (photo: Daniel van der Steen)
    Jane Embury  - 24.05.2017, 17:03

    The Light Fantastic

    Earlier this year, the USA marked Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Jane Embury, marketing director at advanced glazing system supplier Wrightstyle, looks at light in the UK workplace.

  • (Photography by Jamie Hooper). (photo: Jamie Hooper)
    Dane McGraw  - 10.05.2017, 16:33

    Safety in Lead Abatement

    Dane McGraw, director of business development at Thomas Industrial Coatings, highlights the key resources that are available in the United States for asset owners and contractors battling lead.

  •  (photo: Siemens AG)
    Philippe Heim  - 02.05.2017, 15:26

    Adding Value to Colo Data Centres

    Philippe Heim, Global Portfolio Manager DCIM with Siemens Building Technologies, explains how Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) achieves operating efficiencies in an era when colocation centres are becoming larger through mergers and acquisitions.

  • Microbial colonisation presents itself as a jelly-like mass that can block filters in fuel dispensing equipment and vehicle engines. (photo: Cameron Forecourt)
    Cameron Forecourt  - 18.04.2017, 17:57

    Preventing Microbacterial Growth in Diesel Fuel

    The introduction of bio products into modern diesel fuels has created a need for fuel storage systems that combat hgroscopic (water absorbing) properties which might otherwise support microbacterial growth, according to Cameron Forecourt.

  •  (photo: Editor5807)
    RENOO - a GRITIT Group Company  - 10.04.2017, 16:18

    Deploying High-tech Solutions to Escape Costly Pothole Pitfalls

    Strategies that rely on fixing rather than maintaining roads and car parks create unnecessary personal injury liabilities and lead to unplanned costs in a technological age, according to UK Tarmac repair specialists and GRITIT Group subsidiary, RENOO.

  •  (photo: Xylem, Inc.)
    Xylem Inc  - 03.04.2017, 16:51

    Speed Controls for Heating Systems in Building Services Applications

    Although high-efficiency pumps are becoming the norm in building services applications, the selection of speed controls still presents problems. Xylem Applied Water Systems explain key differences between fixed-speed, proportional pressure and constant pressure controls in this white paper.

  • (Photography by P. Aleksandra). (photo: P. Aleksandra)
    Saar Yoskovitz  - 29.03.2017, 01:01

    Distinguishing Operational Metrics from Mechanical Data

    Saar Yoskovitz, CEO and co-founder of Internet of Things (IoT) mechanical diagnostics platform Augury, discusses the data required for predictive maintenance (PdM) in facilities management.

  •  (photo: Ideal Group)
    Ideal Group  - 28.03.2017, 10:03

    Demand for Temporary Plant Covers Industry Skill Shortages

    Ideal Heat Solutions reports demand for temporary heating has reached a high point in the United Kingdom as construction companies miss project handover deadlines because of skill shortages.

  • View of the Shah Jahan Mosque and its spectacular dome. (photo: Belzona International)
    Belzona International  - 27.03.2017, 16:52

    Case-study: Dome and Dusted

    Composite roof coatings were used for the refurbishment of the Grade II listed Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking which is the oldest in Western Europe.

  •  (photo: T-Mobile US, Inc.)
    T-Mobile US Inc.  - 01.03.2017, 16:20

    How to Equip Your Facilities Manager to Protect Your Building

    Almost three-fourths of all burglaries involve residential properties, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, with apartments representing different opportunities and risks than single-family homes for would-be burglars.

  •  (photo: Belzona International)
    Belzona International  - 13.02.2017, 23:43

    Preventing Dampness with an Invisible Wall Treatment

    External walls are frequently exposed to rain which enters porous masonry surfaces and penetrates internal walls unless they are protected.

  • General view of museum exhibits. (Photograph courtesy of Imperial War Museums). (photo: Steve Brooks)
    Fugro N.V.  - 24.01.2017, 16:27

    Case Study: Supporting a World-renowned Aviation Museum

    Buried utilities were located at the world-renowned Imperial War Museum (IMW) in Duxford during a survey undertaken by Fugro.

  • Understanding the needs of interior designers Mitsubishi Electric produces its Jet Towel hand dryers in white, black and silver. (photo: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.)
    Garry Lewis  - 20.01.2017, 15:10

    Creating the Right Ambience

    Bathroom décor can make a major contribution to the perceived ambience of a public building and the image of its occupants, writes Garry Lewis, Marketing & Communications Manager for Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

  • (Photography by Dennis Bos). (photo: Dennis Bos)
    Steve Fountaine  - 04.01.2017, 23:59

    Pardon Our Dust!

    Commercial remodeling (renovation) projects are often a catalyst for a wider range of business improvement processes, according to Steve Fountaine who is the President of specialist Washington DC and Sterling VA-based building contractor, Premiere Works.

  • Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum. (Photography: Gilles Paire/ (photo: Gilles Paire/
    Siemens AG ,  Siemens Building Technologies  - 15.12.2016, 01:47

    Case Study: Protecting Valuable Works of Art

    An intelligent Siemens fire system combining the highest safety standards with cutting-edge technology, has been installed and subjected to rigorous testing at The Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum which is home to one of the most valuable art collections in Paris.

  • Training your employees on control measures such as hand hygiene is an effective remedy against infections. (photo: Pat Herman)
    Maggie Hammond  - 08.12.2016, 15:44

    Tips for Effective Infection Control

    Influenza and norovirus can easily spread within an organization and affect several employees at the same time if proper control measures are not in place. However, there are measures organizations can implement to limit the spread of infections in facilities.

  •  (photo: Belzona International)
    Belzona International  - 25.10.2016, 11:00

    Industrial Maintenance and Repair Coatings & Composites

    Polymeric repair composites and coatings were almost unheard of when they entered the industrial maintenance and repair market but are now materials of choice, according to Belzona International.

  •  (photo: Belzona International)
    Belzona International  - 19.10.2016, 23:58

    The Evolution of Roofing Maintenance

    With up to 90 per cent of roofing problems typically associated with 10 per cent of a roof's surface area, Belzona argue traditional maintenance techniques and materials have definitely had their day.

  • Historically, finance has presented a significant challenge for energy- (and efficiency-) conscientious FM companies. (photo: Siemens Financial Services)
    Richard Baker ,  Siemens Financial Services  - 21.09.2016, 10:27

    Financing for Sustainable Buildings

    Poor access to funding is a barrier FM companies seeking more energy-efficient solutions for clients must overcome, writes Siemens Financial Services UK's Energy Finance sales manager, Richard Baker.

  • (Photography by Justin Aymer). (photo: Justin Aymer)
    Nick Oettinger  - 14.07.2016, 16:04

    And One Fell Out

    Nick Oettinger explains how The Furniture Recycling Group has adopted a "circular economy" approach to mattress disposal which exchanges landfill for bulk waste recycling.

  • Figure 1: The BIM framework conceptual reactor. (photo: Bilal Succar, Mohamad Kassem)
    Bilal Succar ,  Mohamad Kassem  - 01.07.2016, 17:33

    Point of Adoption

    Implementing and evaluating Building Information Modelling (BIM) requires a unified approach to determining organisational readiness as well as tools for BIM adoption, write the authors of a ground-breaking White Paper and BIM adoption model for construction and facilities management professionals, Bilal Succar and Mohammed Kassem.

  •  (photo: )
    WPL International  - 01.06.2016, 09:48

    Case Study: Drop-in High Performance Aerated Filter (HiPAF) Wastewater Treatment Plant

    When the operators of a High Street storage and distribution hub needed to expand wastewater treatment capacity, contractor Clanville Draintech installed a supplementary, customised WPl High Performance Aerated Filter (HiPAF) plant.

  • Lilacs International Commercial Centre. (photo: Siemens)
    Siemens Building Technologies ,  Siemens AG  - 31.05.2016, 19:16

    Case Study: Shanghai's First Smart Urban Centre

    The mixed-use landmark Lilacs International Commercial Centre in Shanghai’s Pudong business district which was completed in January, is the first smart building complex in the City to install a total Siemens building management system package.

  • Photography: Patrick Moore. (photo: Patrick Moore)
    Omar Saadeh  - 15.04.2016, 16:43

    Third-Party Financing Helps Corporates to "Go Solar"

    GTM Research Senior Analyst Omar Saadeh argues ready access to third-party financing is influencing the adoption of solar energy sources by many of the largest corporates in an article that establishes a link between facility ownership and on-site solar procurement – and identifies the top-ranked commercial solar installers in the United States. It also includes data that we haven't published anywhere before (top-ranked commercial solar installers in 2015).

  • Datacenter Clarity LC combines information from vital sub-systems that traditionally operate in isolation into a single, powerful solution. (photo: Siemens AG)
    Siemens AG  - 15.04.2016, 14:40

    Value stacking with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

    Florence Burnoud, Head of Global Service Assurance for Atos Managed Services and Philippe Heim, Siemens Global Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Portfolio Manager, jointly delivered a presentation at Data Centre World 2016 that explores the motivations and benefits of working in strategic partnership to implement mission-critical solutions that protect data security, downtime and delivers real time cost and energy savings.

  •  (photo: Siemens Building Technologies)
    Siemens AG ,  Siemens Building Technologies  - 01.03.2016, 16:23

    First European Data Centre with Unique 3D Visualisation DCIM Platform

    Cofely Services’ Agility data centre is located in the south of Belgium and serves both in-house GDF SUEZ Group clients and external customers with an independent ICT infrastructure. The centre is the first in Europe to offer the virtual tour capabilities of Siemens' Datacenter Clarity LC with 3D visualisation.

  •  (photo: Mitsubishi Europe)
    Garry Lewis ,  Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.  - 14.08.2015, 03:33

    Hand Drying Enters the Jet Age

    Energy efficiency will become the key criteria for electric hand dryer selection over the next five years, as ‘jet’ style units replace ageing hot air dryers to become the 'norm', says Mitsubishi Electric UK's Marketing & Communications Manager, Garry Lewis.

  •  (photo: Siemens Technologies)
    Siemens Building Technologies ,  Siemens AG  - 12.08.2015, 14:40

    Integrating FM With Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

    Case Study: when leading global IT services provider Atos needed a consolidated overview of data centre and facilities operations at its Livingston location, Siemens implemented a solution that offers real-time reporting of environmental and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data.

  •  (photo: Siemens AG)
    Siemens Building Technologies  - 01.05.2015, 04:47

    Citigroup’s Frankfurt Data Centre

    A case study by Siemens Building Technologies discussing integrated, multi-disciplinary service delivery in automated data centres.


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