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Fastening to Concrete in Retail Spaces

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Money, time and materials are critical assets to protect in busy retail environments where affixing objects to concrete properly eliminates wasted resources, according to Concrete Fastening Systems.

Money, time and materials are critical assets to protect in a busy retail space location. While routine maintenance care is expected, unexpected repairs can wreak havoc on productivity. Correctly fastening items to concrete the first time using effective types and styles of concrete anchors can help to eliminate wasted resources.



Vibratory or Shock Loading Applications (such as a dock bumper at the loading dock)

 - Epoxy type concrete fasteners should be used


Static Loading Applications (item is stationary, such as a shelf or racking unit)

-  Expansion type anchors are most commonly used; wedge anchors, sleeve anchors or tapcons


Dry Environment:  zinc plated concrete anchors provide enough rust resistant protection and work well


Moist Environment: hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel provide excellent rust resistance where moisture may be present


Wet Environment: stainless steel should be used to provide adequate rust resistance when the anchor will be submerged in water


Caustic Environment: salt water, chlorine or other cleaning chemicals require the use of 316 stainless steel in order to provide the best available rust resistance




Concrete anchor size can be determined by several factors:


Fixture Hole Size: Use the diameter of the hole in the fixture to determine the size of the concrete anchor to be installed; if the hole is 1/4" then a 1/4" anchor is used for installation


Drawing/Design:  Use the diameter specified in any drawing or design


Engineer:  Use the recommendations specified by the engineer or another professional for a specific diameter, length or type of anchor


Length:  Calculate the length of concrete anchors needed by adding the minimum embedment for the diameter of anchor being installed, plus the thickness of the material being installed, plus space for the nut and washer (which is approximately equal to the diameter of the anchor being installed)


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