(photo: Allegion UK)

Securing Schools

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant for Allegion UK, calls for more schools to consider a...

London Business School. (photo: London Business School)

Stimulating Learning

Servest Group

The quality of the learning environment impacts considerably on the student experience - as well...

 (photo: Lukas)

Chain of Responsibility

Pete Hancox

Statistics show the fire industry needs to educate tenants on who to speak to regarding fire door...

Photography by Mike McCaffrey. (photo: Mike McCaffrey)

Inspecting Your Fire Door

Pete Hancox

With Fire Door Safety Week approaching, Allegion's Pete Hancox provides pointers on conducting...

 (photo: Triton, Inc.)

Like Skin and Sunscreen

Dustin Brooks

There's a difference between a coating and a membrane, and it can be hard to draw the line at...

(Photography by Ginae B. McDonald). (photo: Ginae B. McDonald)

Building Your Snow Dream Team

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

The Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) announces its new Season Opener - The "Building...

(Photography by Genildo Marcelo). (photo: Genildo Marcelo)

Our Sustainable Office Move

Karen Balmforth

Karen Balmforth, office administrator at Ecosurety, explains why her company is moving from...

 (photo: Belzona Polymerics Ltd)

Retail Therapy

Belzona International

Welcoming thousands of visitors and hundreds of vehicles, shopping centres often require complex...

(Image credit: Daniel van der Steen). (photo: Daniel van der Steen)

The Light Fantastic

Jane Embury

Earlier this year, the USA marked Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Jane Embury, marketing director...

(Photography by Jamie Hooper). (photo: Jamie Hooper)

Safety in Lead Abatement

Dane McGraw

Dane McGraw, director of business development at Thomas Industrial Coatings, highlights the key...