(photo: Belzona Polymerics Ltd)

Retail Therapy

Belzona International

Welcoming thousands of visitors and hundreds of vehicles, shopping centres often require complex...

(Image credit: Daniel van der Steen). (photo: Daniel van der Steen)

The Light Fantastic

Jane Embury

Earlier this year, the USA marked Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Jane Embury, marketing director...

(Photography by Jamie Hooper). (photo: Jamie Hooper)

Safety in Lead Abatement

Dane McGraw

Dane McGraw, director of business development at Thomas Industrial Coatings, highlights the key...

View of the Shah Jahan Mosque and its spectacular dome. (photo: Belzona International)

Case-study: Dome and Dusted

Belzona International

Composite roof coatings were used for the refurbishment of the Grade II listed Shah Jahan Mosque...

Understanding the needs of interior designers Mitsubishi Electric produces its Jet Towel hand dryers in white, black and silver. (photo: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.)

Creating the Right Ambience

Garry Lewis

Bathroom décor can make a major contribution to the perceived ambience of a public building and...

(Photography by Dennis Bos). (photo: Dennis Bos)

Pardon Our Dust!

Steve Fountaine

Commercial remodeling (renovation) projects are often a catalyst for a wider range of business...

(Photography by Justin Aymer). (photo: Justin Aymer)

And One Fell Out

Nick Oettinger

Nick Oettinger explains how The Furniture Recycling Group has adopted a "circular economy"...

Figure 1: The BIM framework conceptual reactor. (photo: Bilal Succar, Mohamad Kassem)

Point of Adoption

Bilal Succar ,  Mohamad Kassem

Implementing and evaluating Building Information Modelling (BIM) requires a unified approach to...

Technician assembling an iBOT robotic vehicle. (photo: OPEX Corporation)

Bucking the Trend

Jim McMahon

Despite the decades-old fashion for outsourcing manufacturing to low-cost overseas centres, a...

 (photo: Citibank)

Remodelling FM

FM Magazine

A partnership between Citibank and customer contact management company Sykes underlines how FM...

 (photo: Mitsubishi Europe)

Hand Drying Enters the Jet Age

Garry Lewis ,  Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

Energy efficiency will become the key criteria for electric hand dryer selection over the next...

Photograph: Brett Boardman (photo: Brett Boardman)

Back to the Future

FM Magazine

In Macquarie University's Golden Jubilee year, FM Magazine discusses the refurbishment of its...