Natural selection: leaf of the Lotus plant with water droplets. (Photography by G J Bulte). (photo: GJ Bulte)

The Lotus Effect

Sure Step/CSTC Qatar

The "self-cleansing" mechanism of the Lotus plant leaf has inspired a new generation of Nano...

 (photo: )

Keeping Cool

Bill Kearns

For more than 20 years Aggreko has been a key partner in the impressive infrastructure...

Solar panel farm installation at PepsiCo\'s Frito-Ley plant in Arizona (photo: )

Waste not, Want not

Jonathan T. Scott

Jonathan Scott, Director of the Center for Industrial Productivity and Sustainability (CIPS) and...

 (photo: Jane Monteith)

Out to dry

Richard Neale

Richard Neale from the United Kingdom-based Laundry Technology Centre discusses advances in...

 (photo: Emirates NBC Bank)

Banking on FM

Staff Reporter

Keeping a 20-storey bank alive and well is no small feat. FM Magazine talks to BK Gulf’s Frank...

Breath of fresh air

Kelvin Bruce

Kelvin Bruce, managing director of EPSCO, highlights the vital link between cleanliness of air...

Making IT Work

Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA)

The Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) and Aconix discuss groundbreaking research...

In the Beginning

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson, managing director of Dubai-based Drake & Scull FM elaborates on the merits of...