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  •  (photo: Allegion UK)
    Allegion Plc  - 07.09.2018, 14:22

    Survey Raises New Fire Safety Concerns

    Over half of respondents in a survey of more than 500 decision makers within the UK's healthcare and education sectors are dissatisfied with current fire safety precautions in their organisation.

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    Abintra Consulting  - 25.04.2018, 12:14

    What CIOs Need to Know About Future-proofing Offices

    Companies should future-proof corporate real estate to avoid costs down the line, says Abintra'sTony Booty.


  •  (photo: Carcharoth)
    Jane Embury  - 05.12.2018, 09:58

    Codifying by Catastrophe

    The appalling tragedy of Grenfell Tower is yet another reminder that fire and building regulations should constantly be under review and new building materials rigorously fire tested.

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    Andrew Shaw  - 28.11.2018, 15:43

    Are Building Age and Size a Hindrance?

    Andrew Shaw considers whether the age and size of buildings delimit options for upgrading safety protocols and security.

  •  (photo: Wrightstyle Ltd)
    Jane Embury  - 23.11.2018, 17:22

    The Tetrahedron of Fire

    Jane Embury says national fire statistics rarely reveal the human cost of residential or commercial fires, and can even encourage complacency.

  •  (photo: Lorin Industries, Inc.)
    Park Kersman  - 21.11.2018, 13:05

    Why Coil Anodize Exterior Architectural Applications?

    Park Kersman, CEO and President of Lorin Industries, Inc. (which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year), makes the case for coil anodized aluminium over paint in exterior architectural applications.

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    Karen Lillywhite  - 21.11.2018, 12:35

    Why Cash is no Longer King

    Systopia's Karen Lillywhite considers the role of smart technology in transforming the United Kingdom into a largely cash-free society over the last decade.

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    Jane Embury  - 15.11.2018, 07:39

    Designing in Light

    Civic architecture is all about creating buildings that engage with their communities. It’s about creating places and spaces in which we are able respond positively to our surroundings at a human level., says Jane Embury.

  • Google Campus interior. (photo: Paul Miller)
    Krishna Money  - 01.11.2018, 12:32

    Creating a Better Workplace Experience

    Be honest about your company culture when re-designing workplaces, says Platform design agency director, Krishna Money.

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    Andrew Shaw  - 30.10.2018, 16:30

    Creating an Electro-Mechanical School

    Schools are continuing to upgrade security measures for pupil safety. However, on top of all the fundamental challenges schools face, implementing well-rounded and effective security solutions can seem a great difficulty. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant with Allegion UK, discusses the advantages of electro-mechanical solutions.

  •  (photo: William Rafti)
    Graham Flynn  - 15.10.2018, 09:36

    Overhauling NHS Clinical Waste Contracts

    Anenta director Graham Flynn says investment is needed to secure better value waste management for the NHS.

  •  (photo: Allegion UK)
    Karen Trigg  - 09.10.2018, 12:31

    Are Your Fire Doors Fit for Purpose?

    Karen Trigg, business development manager with Allegion UK, explains why fire doors are integral to a successful fire safety strategy.

  •  (photo: )
    Wong Chih Meng  - 27.09.2018, 13:12

    Transforming Time Reporting with Technology

    Wong Chih Meng, managing director of Singapore-based Focal Investigation and Security Agency, explains how technology is improving time attendance recording for a security contractor with operations around the ASEAN region.

  •  (photo: )
    Jane Embury  - 03.10.2018, 19:04

    The Legacy of the Shelton Hospital Fire

    Jane Embury considers fire safety planning and containment within the UK's healthcare and care home sectors, half a century after twenty-four patients died when fire broke out at the Shelton Mental Hospital near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

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    Adam Bennett  - 31.08.2018, 15:18

    Photo ID Card Printing for FM Professionals

    Regardless of innovations in digital security, Photo ID cards will continue to function as a mainstay in protecting facilities from intruders and unwelcome visitors. Adam Bennett, digital marketing manager at Digital ID (the UK's largest supplier of printed ID solutions), discusses best practices in sourcing ID card solutions.

  •  (photo: Allegion UK)
    Andrew Shaw  - 10.08.2018, 12:53

    The Responsibility of Fire Safety in Healthcare

    An effective fire safety management and fire emergency plan requires both active and passive fire precautions and a high degree of management. In healthcare facilities, an even higher degree of safety consideration is required since its occupants may need additional assistance to escape in the event of a fire. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant of Allegion UK, discusses ways to optimise fire safety in healthcare, and why a bespoke solution is key.

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    Lustalux Ltd  - 02.08.2018, 12:24

    Privacy Solutions For Open Office Environments

    Architectural window film supplier Lustalux says facilities managers can take practical measures to safeguard employees from negative consequences of open plan office environments identified by Gensler's UK Workplace Survey 2016 and more recent research.

  •  (photo: Wrightstyle Ltd)
    Jane Embury  - 30.08.2018, 16:58

    Water Torture and the Great Exhibition

    Jane Embury, Wrightstyle's marketing director, explains the origins of the United States' notoriously challenging fire testing regime for glazing systems.

  •  (photo: )
    Jane Embury  - 24.07.2018, 14:22

    Remembering the Summerland Tragedy

    Last year saw the appalling catastrophe of Grenfell Tower, which will no doubt see the introduction of new fire regulations for the manufacture and installation of external cladding.

  • (Photography by Steve Johnson). (photo: Steve Johnson)
    Klaus Allion  - 11.07.2018, 08:58

    Keeping Lone Workers Safe

    ANT Telecom managing director Klaus Allion looks at the technologies that are used to protect, manage and monitor lone and remote workers today.

  •  (photo: Allegion UK)
    Andrew Shaw  - 11.06.2018, 13:47

    Keeping University Students Safe

    University campus buildings and student accommodation facilities are complex infrastructures and, with so many security requirements, it can be difficult to keep on top of them and the challenges they impose. Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant for Allegion UK, discusses how to ensure the security and safety of the students of today and tomorrow.

  •  (photo: Allegion UK)
    Karen Trigg  - 21.05.2018, 15:31

    The Key to Efficient Healthcare

    Protecting the physical environment of a healthcare facility by implementing effective safety and security solutions, creates an environment that enhances employee productivity and even improves patient outcomes, says Allegion UK's Karen Trigg.

  • Photo by BURST. (photo: BURST)
    Jane Embury  - 14.05.2018, 08:51

    Adjusting for Human Behaviour

    Wrightstyle's Jane Embury looks at the different responses when a fire alarm sounds.

  • Martin Reed, Chief Executive Officer of Incentive FM Group. (photo: Incentive FM Group)
    Martin Reed  - 27.04.2018, 16:42

    Why the UK Government is Pricing Smaller FM Companies Out

    Martin Reed, CEO of Incentive FM Group, says systemic barriers to the procurement of facilities management services from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), make it highly unlikely the government of the United Kingdom will meet a promise to award £33 billion of public sector contracts to smaller industry players.

  • Photo by Zoe Pappas. (photo: Zoe Pappas)
    Michael Gallucci  - 16.04.2018, 10:35

    Don’t Litigate, Mediate

    We don’t know just how many construction contracts end in dispute, but it’s plain to see the sector is far more prone to legal wrangling than other spheres of business, says Michael Gallucci, managing director of construction consultancy MPG.

  •  (photo: Kaboom)
    Chris Robinson  - 12.04.2018, 14:19

    Warming up Customer Communications

    Many utility providers are missing a trick when it comes to providing customer service, says Yonder Digital Group CEO, Chris Robinson.

  • Bow Square, Southampton. (photo: Atlas Residential)
    Stephanie Smith  - 10.04.2018, 11:05

    One Size Doesn't Fit All

    Stephanie Smith, operations director with Atlas Residential, discusses the impact of changes within the build to rent market on future planning and services delivery.

  •  (photo: Copyright © The 3M Company (2018).)
    Peter Barker  - 06.04.2018, 14:36

    There’s More to Data Privacy in 2018 than Digital Security

    Peter Barker, EMEA Market Development Manager for 3M's Display Materials and Systems Division, argues the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact private and public sector organisations of all sizes, regardless of the UK's future in the European Union.

  •  (photo: Pexels-432506)
    Richard Harris  - 04.04.2018, 15:25

    Encouraging Gender Equality Within FM

    Okappy's Richard Harris considers some of the barriers which are preventing the more rapid progression of women up the career ladder.

  • Photography by Jessica da Silva Estrela-Gerritsen. (photo: Jessica da Silva Estrela-Gerritsen)
    Jane Embury  - 27.03.2018, 14:31

    Raising Awareness of Arson in the Workplace

    Jane Embury, marketing director at glazing systems supplier Wrightstyle, believes the United Kingdom should follow the United States in raising awareness about the threat from workplace arson with a National Arson Awareness Week.

  •  (photo: /pexels-photo-263210)
    Karen Trigg  - 22.03.2018, 15:32

    Door Hardware in the Battle Against Infection Control

    The risk of cross-contamination in hospitals needs to be minimised by tackling threats to a sterile working environment at their source. Allegion UK's Karen Trigg explains how selecting the right door hardware.

  •  (photo: Gritit)
    Jason Petsch  - 09.03.2018, 14:38

    Back to the Future of Grounds Maintenance

    Jason Petsch, GRITIT co-founder and CEO of GRITIT Grounds Maintenance, says service providers with lacklustre grounds maintenance (GM) solutions should draw inspiration from their industry's innovative past.

  •  (photo: HSM GmbH)
    HSM GmbH  - 24.02.2018, 01:58

    Are You on Track with GDPR?

    HSM discusses one of the most overlooked options for ensuring businesses in the UK comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in May.

  • Photograph courtesy of Marina Torch. (photo: Marina Torch)
    Lyle Simonton  - 20.02.2018, 17:09

    The Value of Geotechnical Consultants

    Lyle Simonton explains how geotechnical engineering contractors optimise foundation design and resolving issues that arise during the construction phase of buildings.

  • Simplicity should be the over-riding concern in selecting software for your business. (photo: Pexels-7375)
    Richard Harris  - 05.02.2018, 16:38

    Bespoke v Off-the-Shelf Software

    Although internal software can be a powerful business tool, care in its selection and deployment are essential for deriving all its benefits. Okappy's Richard Harris explains why.

  • Photography by Kanishiotu. (photo: Kanishiotu)
    GRITIT Ltd  - 02.02.2018, 15:03

    Dilemmas in Digitisation

    Facilities management won’t escape the rise of the robots but winter maintenance specialists GRITIT are working towards a future where man and machine work in harmony.

  • Photograph courtesy of Bruce Potter. (photo: Bruce Potter)
    Alexandra Richards  - 24.01.2018, 11:17

    Choosing Office Space in Hobart

    Although Hobart, the financial and administrative capital of Tasmania, may not immediately spring to mind as a place for setting up business operations, the busy seaport and setting-off point for Antarctic expeditions is home to over 220 000 people who include a burgeoning population of returning young entrepreneurs.

  •  (photo: Abintra Consulting)
    Tony Booty  - 17.01.2018, 12:57

    The New Rules of Meeting Room Etiquette

    Tony Booty, director of workplace flexibility specialist Abintra, takes a long-overdue look at the rules of meeting room etiquette in light of advances in office technology and the growth of collaborative working.

  •  (photo: Pexels Photo)
    Minted Box  - 12.01.2018, 15:15

    Boosting Workplace Productivity

    Iain Bell, co-owner of Minted Box - developers of the MintCentral branded staff app, on improving employee advocacy in the workplace to boost productivity.

  • Atlas Residential & IP Investment Management's MediaCityUK 2017 BtR acquisition. (photo: Atlas Residential)
    Jonathon Ivory  - 11.01.2018, 18:30

    Outlook for UK Build to Rent Market

    The evolution of the UK's nascent Build to Rent sector will continue in 2018 with several factors influencing assets developers deliver, says Jonathon Ivory, UK managing director of Atlas Residential.

FM Magazine

Best Practice

  •  (photo: )
    Will Richardson  - 30.11.2018, 13:02

    Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    Will Richardson considers the multitude of options available to help facilities managers and their clients reduce carbon emissions.

  •  (photo: Avante Care)
    Miele AG  - 17.10.2018, 10:15

    Miele at the Heart of a Care Home's Laundry Facility

    Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment isn’t just a vital part of Pilgrims View’s infection control management procedures; it also plays a significant role in helping the care home remain a welcoming and pleasant environment for the residents of the care home to live. High standards of hygiene are applied to all areas of the care home’s operations, and this includes its laundry facility.

  • Port Fourchon in Louisiana. (photo: Great Lafourche Port Commission)
    G4S PLC  - 04.09.2018, 17:01

    Keeping One of Louisiana's Busiest Ports Secure

    Since 2012, Port Fourchon has worked with AMAG Technology, a G4S company, to ensure the security of its facilities and its people.

  • Photo by S. Braun. (photo: BraunS)
    Andrew Shaw  - 23.04.2018, 15:19

    The Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Security

    When students feel their safety is compromised it affects their learning performance and gives even more importance to school lockdown procedures, says Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant for Allegion UK.

  •  (photo: Cameron Forecourt)
    Barry Jenner  - 23.04.2018, 12:45

    A Brief Primer on Tank Gauging

    Cameron Forecourt managing director Barry Jenner explains why tank gauging has achieved almost 100 per cent penetration of the UK's retail fuel station market, and is just as essential for operators of commercial fuelling environments.

  • Whittlebury Hall hosts numerous corporate events every year. (photo: Whittlebury Hall)
    Parallels International GmbH  - 16.03.2018, 15:30

    Case Study: Windows-based Property Management App on iOS

    Whittlebury Hall & Spa switched to virtualization solution, Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), to empower its sales team by providing mobile access to a Windows-based property management application on Apple® mobile devices.

  •  (photo: Allegion UK)
    Andrew Shaw  - 19.02.2018, 12:31

    Securing Schools

    Andrew Shaw, architectural consultant for Allegion UK, calls for more schools to consider a number of security solutions to further improve their lockdown protocols.

  • The Millennium Centre in St Helens. (photo: Sentinel Commercial/Richard Cumber)
    Sentinel Commercial  - 07.02.2018, 18:21

    Restoring Heat Output at St Helens' Millennium Centre

    Corrosion is the most common cause of major problems in heating systems; something that the three-storey Millennium Centre building in St Helens knows only too well.

  • Defibrilator being carried onto a pitch. (photo: Medcare)
    BTME Group  - 19.01.2018, 12:02

    A Primer on Medical Safety for UK Sports Clubs

    Medtree provides guidance and advice for sports club operators on their duty of care towards players, staff and visitors under the United Kingdom's Health and Safety at Work Act.

  •  (photo: )
    Allegion Plc  - 09.01.2018, 23:53

    Is Your Fire Safety Training Up-to-Date?

    Allegion UK's South East business development manager Karen Trigg says staff training for personnel with fire safety duties is imperative to avoid potentially costly and dangerous situations.


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