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The Benefits of Conservatory Insulation

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Despite the popularity of conservatories as a home improvement option, conservatory insulation in the UK is rarely considered, despite its critical importance in ensuring your new space is usable from the very start.


The addition of a conservatory will often make your home feel more open and connected to the outside world. With a myriad of decorating and design possibilities, today's conservatories need not be characterless, either.


The problem is conservatories can become unusable in hotter and colder months, which is why many people are opting for conservatory insulation. Here are just some of its benefits and ideas on how it can transform your home.


Summertime Comfort

Despite the UK's temperate climate, the summer  months can become extremely warm. Conservatories will often trap a lot of heat which makes them uncomfortable, and even unusable, on the hottest days. Insulation can make your conservatory much more useable in the summer and can reduce the heat in your home extension by as much as 75 per cent. Not only that, but insulation can also help reduce sun glare and UV radiation. If you stop using your conservatory in the warmer times of the year because it feels too much like sitting in an oven, then insulation can ensure that you get much more use in even the hottest UK summer.


Winter Blues

Too hot in the summer, too cold in the summer. That’s the perception of most conservatories, but insulation can eradicate those issues entirely. In the winter, insulation helps to keep warm air inside your home, and massively reduces heat loss. Not only does that mean that you get to relax in your conservatory and enjoy the stark winter views, but you also benefit by reducing your energy bills. Click here for information from a professional installer that provides specialist advice on selecting conservatory insulation. For a warmer home in even the coldest parts of the year and less spending on your utility bills, insulation can save you money and give you the freedom to enjoy your conservatory no matter the time of year.


Noise Reduction

While conservatories are fantastic for making it feel like you’re connected to the outside, that can often mean that you get the unwanted noise as well. From wind and rain to passing traffic, those intrusive noises can seriously minimize your enjoyment of relaxing in your home. Insulation can help with this too, dramatically reducing the noise from outside and making your home feel a lot more secure, and a lot more like a traditional room in any part of the home. No matter what environment your home is surrounded by, you’ll get to enjoy real peace and quiet with conservatory insulation, and that means that you’ll get far more enjoyment from it.


Conservatories are an investment that can add very real value to a property. If you want more than decoration and you’re interested in the more practical benefits of a conservatory, then insulation is fast becoming a must-have.



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