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Out of Time, Out of Mind

Klaus Allion

Klaus Allion, ANT Telecom managing director, considers risks associated with failing to respond...

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Managing Obsolescence

David Khanna

Arolite director David Khanna discusses the importance of proactive and reactive maintenance in...

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Preparing for the Unknown

Sue Corrick

Sue Corrick, EMEA Product Manager with Allegion UK, discusses the balance between school safety...

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What's New in BS 7671:2018?

Chris Cerisola

Chris Cerisola, a NICEIC Qualified Supervisor (QS) with Artic Buliding Services, considers recent...

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Document Shredding and GDPR

Mark Harper

Despite a global increase in document shredder sales since the introduction of GDPR, HSM's Mark...

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Partners in Crime?

Adam Branson

Adam Branson asks whether the UK government's anti-money laundering (AML) regime for property...

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Is Anyone Listening?

Steve Loughney

Steve Loughney, Head of building management systems (BMS) for Siemens' Building Technologies...

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Empowering Women in ICT

Deborah Exell

Deborah Exell, Global Head of Human Capital at Getronics, asks whether our need to mark...

Jamie Wright is crusading to change perceptions of contract cleaning within FM. (photo: Incentive FM Group)

Cleaning Up

Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright, managing director of Incentive QAS, the contract cleaning arm of UK-based Incentive...

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Bird Management And Safety

Dee Ward-Thompson

Dee Ward-Thompson, Technical Manager with the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), considers...

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Securing Schools in Winter

Karen Trigg

Karen Trigg, business development manager at Allegion UK, discusses how to keep schools safe and...

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Facilities as Strategic Assets

Dan Diehl ,  Paul O’Malley ,  Lou Ronsivalli

Aircuity CEO Dan Diehl, strategic consultant Paul O’Malley, and GioVantage Strategies, LLC...

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Codifying by Catastrophe

Jane Embury

The appalling tragedy of Grenfell Tower is yet another reminder that fire and building...

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Let’s Take this Outside

Jason Petsch

Despite advances in standards-based FM services delivery, clearing of snow and ice is rarely...