(Photography by Steve Johnson). (photo: Steve Johnson)

Keeping Lone Workers Safe

Klaus Allion

ANT Telecom managing director Klaus Allion looks at the technologies that are used to protect,...

Photo by Zoe Pappas. (photo: Zoe Pappas)

Don’t Litigate, Mediate

Michael Gallucci

We don’t know just how many construction contracts end in dispute, but it’s plain to see the...

Bow Square, Southampton. (photo: Atlas Residential)

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith, operations director with Atlas Residential, discusses the impact of changes...

(Photograph courtesy of Tookapic). (photo: )

The Definition of 'Clever'

Marissa Francis

Marissa Francis, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Improver with ABM UK, explains...

Photography by Kanishiotu. (photo: Kanishiotu)

Dilemmas in Digitisation


Facilities management won’t escape the rise of the robots but winter maintenance specialists...

 (photo: Cameron Forecourt Ltd)

Reconciling Fuel

Barry Jenner

Cameron Forecourt's managing director Barry Jenner argues Fuel Stock Reconciliation is one of the...

 (photo: )

Skinning the Cat

Andy Bajorat

Coordinating due diligence and environmental insurance is essential for managing transactional...

The ability to deliver in-house motor repairs will minimize costs (photo: Sulzer)

All Systems Go

Sulzer Ltd

Facilities management (FM) is a highly competitive market with an increasing number of providers...