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07.02.2020, 13:35

Trends in Promotional Merchandising

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With the trade show season firmly underway, Cathy Spears looks at the latest trends in promotional and branded gifts merchandising.


It is an extremely interesting time for businesses to start finding out which promotional products really define their company as a whole.


Preferences for promotional merchandise are continually evolving and now embrace several types of product:


  • Wireless promotional products: If it is one thing that is guaranteed to continue to be a trend even to this day, it is the aspect of Wireless tech products. With a breezy wireless future ahead, many wireless earbuds and headphones look all set to launch and they are the perfect way to show off the logo of your brand.

  • Custom phone accessories: This is a no-brainer since people end up checking their phone over 70-80 times in a day. That is no small number by any stretch of the imagination. Giving out phone accessories is certainly one of the best ways to go as it will enable you to make as many impressions as possible.

  • Portable power supplies: It is worthwhile noting that there are two different promotional product trends that are popular. The first one is the classic power bank which comes in a variety of different sizes and colours and the second is the wireless charger that is the perfect fit for all phones that are compatible with wireless charging. 

  • Office promotional items: One thing is for sure is the fact that desktop items are making quite the comeback with all sorts of padfolios and notebooks making perfect giveaways at events and conferences. Plus, you can be sure of the fact that adding a pen or a logo to your notebook will leave a more lasting impression on a customer

  • Unique textures and colours: What better way to make your brand stand out than to use a striking mix of unique colours and textures? Plus, what a lot of people don’t realise is the fact that even if the product is not trendy at the time, the very fact that it is unique is enough to make it the talk of the town.


It is important to note that apart from all the above items, the one trend that will be the most popular is the packing of several cohesive promotional items together. The best part is that if one is confused at first, you have the twin options of ordering either a set that has already been packaged or building your very own gift set as well. Of course, the trends mentioned above are only a small part of the puzzle at large.


If you are still under the impression that there are not that many promotional products to choose from at large, rest assured that this is no longer the case and in the past few years, a wide range of different products have come up to fill a void. There are literally thousands of them to choose from and if you are taking the first step towards choosing the best product in this regard, the above list will certainly push you in the right direction.







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