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Keeping the Lights On

Richard Kirkman

Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer with Veolia, explains why a sea change...

 (photo: )

For Art's Sake

Steve Foxley

Steve Foxley, managing director of Smart Infrastructure (Solutions & Services) at Siemens Plc,...

 (photo: )

An Audience with Bill Heath

FM Magazine

FM Magazine spoke to Polyteck Group non-executive director and former Mace Macro Chairman, Bill...

 (photo: Elliott Brown)

PFI Not to Blame

Mar Beltran

Despite often vociferous claims by its detractors, Mar Beltran, S&P Global Ratings’ senior...

 (photo: Bodet S.A.)

Celebrating A Timely Future

Bodet Group

FM Magazine spoke with Sylvain Bodet, communications director and great-great-grandson of Bodet...

Panoramic Power sensor installation. (photo: Panoramic Power)

Power is Knowledge

Yaniv Vardi

Yaniv Vardi, Managing Director of Centrica’s acclaimed Panoramic Power arm, tells FM Magazine his...

<p>FM facilities engineers logo</p> (photo: Sodexo (UK & Ireland))

The New Social Contract

Phil Hooper ,  FM Magazine ,  Sodexo S.A.

FM Magazine spoke with Phil Hooper, corporate affairs director, Sodexo (UK and Ireland) about the...

 (photo: dmg events)

Knowledge is Power

Jaafar Shubber ,  FM Magazine

A decade after first partnering with the FM Expo, FM Magazine (GCC Edition) asks dmg events'...

 (photo: ISS Facility Services)

Demonstrating Better Value

Peter Ankerstjerne

Peter Ankerstjerne, chief marketing officer (CMO) for ISS World Services — who has recently been...

City lights of Dubai from the International Space Station. Photograph: NASA. (photo: NASA)

It's all in the Energy

FM Magazine

In 2014 the United Arab Emirates has introduced legislation to reduce lighting energy use and...

 (photo: FIABCI)

A Certain Level of Knowledge

Patricia Delaney & Martin Von Hauff ,  FM Magazine

Patricia Delaney, Secretary General of FIABCI – The International Real Estate Federation and...

Dublin (Photograph: Philip Zaulig) (photo: Philip Zaulig)

Not so Liffey!

Stephen Faughnan ,  Irish Property Owners' Association

Stephen Faughnan, Chairman of the Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA) argues residential...

Natural selection: leaf of the Lotus plant with water droplets. (Photography by G J Bulte). (photo: GJ Bulte)

The Lotus Effect

Sure Step/CSTC Qatar

The "self-cleansing" mechanism of the Lotus plant leaf has inspired a new generation of Nano...

Removing physical barriers to communication can create a more collaborative environment. (photo: )

Tear Down This Wall

FM Magazine

Psychologist, Gillian Graham, discusses vortex cannon and a 440 per cent profit increase with...

Old Trafford, Manchester (photo: )

The Alexandrian Job

Jonathan Hilder

The value of the vending market in the United Kingdom is estimated at £1.85 billion annually,...

Vincent Hickey (photo: Irish Property & Facility Management Association (IPFMA))

Feeling Green

FM Magazine

As the Irish Property and Facility Management Association (IPFMA) celebrates its 25th...

Stan Atkins, BICSc Group CEO (photo: British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc))

Standing Tall

Stan Atkins

Stan Atkins, Group Chief Executive Officer of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)...

Photograph: Jimmy Baikovicius. (photo: Jimmy Baikovicius)

Trading Up

FM Magazine

The Facilities Management Association (FMA) describes itself as the United Kingdom’s only trade...

Masdar City (Abu Dhabi, UAE): A good consciousness of tradition and historic forms.  (photo: )

Dare or Dai

Professor Christian Baumgart ,  FM Magazine

In 2010 observations about the Burj Khalifa from the President of the 4,000 member Verband...

Beyond the green line

Staff Reporter

Arthur Millwood from Emirates Glass discusses solar heat gain, light transmission and thermal...

Bill busters

Staff Reporter

ServeU’s take on the added value an FM company brings to energy management.

 (photo: SmartHome)

Walls of wisdom

Staff Reporter

Intelligent Homes and Opus discuss how property developers can benefit from home automation as a...

 (photo: Christa Richert)

Vertical circulation

Staff Reporter

FM Magazine – GCC Edition caught up with Jay A. Popp, the Asia pacific - Middle East Executive...

 (photo: )

Through the looking-glass

Staff Reporter

There are many innovative ways of conserving energy in a building. FM Magazine interrogates K.T....

 (photo: )

Raising the bar

Staff Reporter

Richard Cowl for Jotun Powder Coatings on epoxy coatings as an anti-corrosion solution.

 (photo: )

Outside looking in

Staff Reporter

Duncan Waddell, managing director of FM Intelligence critically assesses the UAE property and FM...

CLEAN SWEEP: it is imperative that service specifications are adequately defined in SLAs (photo: )

On the level

Staff Reporter

Drake & Scull's Scott Wilson discusses service level agreements (SLAs).

 (photo: )

More to floors

Staff Reporter

André Dulka from Armstrong Floor Products discusses the maintenance and operating costs of...

 (photo: )

Managing properly

Staff Reporter

Asteco explains the distinction between the terms, "property management", "asset management" and...

Desert flower

Staff Reporter

Pacific Controls pioneers Dubai’s first green building initiative.

Daly Delivery

Staff Reporter

IDAMA’s Billy Daly discusses how the FM division of Dubai Holding was born, it’s structure and...

Built to last

Staff Reporter

Paul Lowndes, Managing Director of Degussa Specialty Chemicals, on what role chemicals can play...

 (photo: )

Sustain and gain

Staff Reporter

Walton Dunlop from Dunlop Design Engineering and Arpal Gulf's John Gavigan discuss the...

 (photo: Basil D Soufi)

Peer pressure

Staff Reporter

Dr. Ravi Chinta (Assistant Professor of Management) and Dr. Mohammed Ashraf Ali (Assistant...

 (photo: )

Living in a material world

Staff Reporter

Dubai Municipality is stepping up efforts to ensure materials meet specifications. Dubai Central...

Multi-technical capabilities are a key ingredient of MAF Dalkia's services offering (photo: MAF Dalkia)

Vive La Différence

FM Magazine

FM Magazine discussed MAF Dalkia’s energy-centric service delivery model with CEO, Alexandre...