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14.01.2020, 17:30

UK Cities with the Most Stylish Homes

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An analysis of 1,700 homes for sale on Rightmove has identified properties in Edinburgh as featuring the "most desirable" characteristics.


A "stylishness" rank was awarded to each city in the Arlo & Jacob survey after detailed comparison of images of desirable (as well as less desirable) physical characteristics, including building design, layout, presentation and colour.


Certain interiors and features are an instant "no-go" for many prospective purchasers with poor-quality images dissuading buyers even from viewing properties.


Desirable features include an abundance of storage space, natural light, and a generally 'clean' feel which can sway viewers into making an offer.


Cities with the most stylish homes for sale in the UK 



Overall style score

(out of 100)
































Homes in Edinburgh were awarded an average overall "style" score of 87 out of 100 and scored 15 out of 15 for presentation and 17 out of 20 for colour schemes matching national favourites, white, grey and blue.


Edinburgh kitchens scored 15 out of 15 for the number of desirable features they contain, including kitchen islands, patio doors and open plan kitchen-diner space. Whilst in the bedroom, homes scored 13 out of 15 for the nation’s most sought after features, including balconies, feature walls and en suites.


How other major cities fare?  

Ireland and Wales are also both represented in the top 10 most stylish cities, with Cardiff coming in 7th place, scoring an impressive 78 out of 100 overall, and Belfast ranking 9th place with an overall score of 73.


London comes in much further down the list at number 16 with an overall score of 58. Out of a possible score of 15, homes in London scored 8 for general presentation, 8 for kitchen features, 6 for bedroom features and 7 for living room features.


Features that help properties sell 

When it comes to what is important to homebuyers, it is clear a good online presence is the first step in getting buyers through the door as 48 per cent of people said good quality images of the home online were a very important factor when deciding whether to view a property or not.


Nearly three-quarters (71 per cent) of respondents said an abundance of natural light was very important to them when buying a home and the research shows that, on average, homes in Belfast have the most of it, with a natural light score of 5 out of 5. Storage is also a big draw for homebuyers, with over a third (69 per cent) of people saying this is a high priority when buying a house. 


Timothy Newsome, Marketing Director, Arlo & Jacob, says:

"Finding the right home for your needs and budget can be a tricky but hugely rewarding task, so being clear on what your top priorities are and where you are willing to compromise can make the process a lot easier. It’s really interesting to see the variation in styles and interiors across the UK and it’s great to see cities like Edinburgh and Plymouth leading the way in terms of style and features. 


"However, it’s important to remember that while features like en-suites and open-plan kitchen diners continue to grow in popularity, our research shows that the three mainstays of home buying - space, storage and natural light - are still high priorities for buyers across the board.


"The use of on-trend furniture and accessories can also be the difference between someone flicking past your house online, to getting viewers through the door and actually selling your property, so it’s important to make it as presentable and welcoming as you can."


Study methodology

Arlo & Jacob analysed over 1,700 images of homes for sale on in some of the UK's biggest cities. Images were pulled from properties of varying values from each city and were categorised into four main rooms: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Images were then allocated scores based on the occurrences desirable features and colours according to survey results. Additional scores were also allocated for light and overall presentation. Survey results were based on 1,000 UK residents who were asked which colours and features they would like in their ideal home and what factors would be most important to them when buying a property.



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