The SunRAY Calm Retro GU10. (photo: RAY Lighting)
The SunRAY Calm Retro GU10.
23.10.2020, 15:38

Why So Blue?

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UK start-up RAY Lighting is claiming a global first following the launch of its SunRAY Calm and Dynamic Circadian-friendly LED lighting ranges.


Until now, all LEDs have been powered by a chip that is blue at the source – the colour of the light it emits is then altered using a layer of phosphor to create the white or yellow we usually see. This means, that although we are not consciously seeing blue light, it is all around us, and our bodies respond to it in a multitude of ways – primarily biologically and psychologically.


The company's SunRAY lightbults utilise an internal chip or light source to avoid the dangerous blue spikes that occur from standard LED lamps, bringing levels of blue into alignment with those occurring naturally in sunlight, rather than the excess levels that overstimulate our systems.


Circadian lighting follows the natural sleep/wake cycles of the human body and is linked with better wellbeing, alertness and productivity.


RAY Lighting has also reduced flicker significantly – in most of the new products, to zero. All bulbs flicker, and LEDs typically flicker at 100 per cent but are so fast that it’s virtually imperceptible to our eyes. Nevertheless, our brain processes it and generates stress hormones in response. Scientists are now associating this with everything from malaise, to anxiety and ADHD.


Jason Wilkin, co-founder and technical director, explains: "Our mission has always been to fill people’s homes with more organic, healthy light.


"We’re spending more time in our homes than ever right now, and to think the light we work, live and raise our families under is harming us is distressing. We’ve all experienced that malaise which lifts when we go out for a walk".


Fellow co-founder and sales director, Simon McCune, adds: "The technology to build an LED light that is bright enough for us to live by, but that is safe and reliable to use, was in its infancy when we started our research and development.


"It has been an incredible journey to work with this technology, to innovate around it and to ultimately launch a product that puts the health and wellbeing of people firmly at the heart of its purpose."


The SunRAY ranges include SunRAY Calm, which uses violet chip technology for a light created to completely free our Circadian Rhythm from the tyranny of excess blue, while SunRAY Dynamic uses a ‘Nature’s Blue’ chip to achieve a light that is more akin to the gentle stimulation of morning sunlight.


Both ranges eliminate all concerns about spikes of blue light exposure, are Flicker Free and offer Full Spectrum lighting solutions, achieving Colour Rendering Index ratings of 97+ (sunlight is 100).


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