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    News Editor  - 10.08.2020, 11:41

    Covid Security Guidance for Domestic Contractors

    The UK Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum has produced a downloadable PDF checklist to ensure the safety of domestic contractors and their clients.

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    News Editor  - 24.06.2020, 10:52

    SANHA Introduces 2 5/8" High-Pressure Fitting for HVACR Applications

    SANHA GmbH has become one of the first piping system manufacturers to offer a high-pressure 2 5/8" fitting for commercial and industrial HVAC-R applications.

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    News Editor  - 22.06.2020, 09:22

    CAREL Cares

    A new website dedicated to indoor air quality (IAQ) in the healthcare sector, and individual health and wellbeing, has been launched by CAREL with social media promotion under the #CARELcares hashtag.

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    News Editor  - 17.06.2020, 01:06

    The Danger's in the Pipework

    Ireland’s largest independent security and facilities management company is warning companies emerging from Covid-19 to beware the threat of Legionnaires’ Disease.

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    News Editor  - 15.06.2020, 15:11

    Saving Housing Groups Unnecessary Boiler Callouts

    Vericon Systems has added a new remote access feature to its connected intelligent boiler control system for Housing Associations and Social Housing providers, BCM:Connect.

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    News Editor  - 28.05.2020, 09:43

    90-Day Remote Boiler Monitoring Trial

    Vericon Systems is offering a free trial of its BCM:Connect remote boiler monitoring solution for Housing Associations and Social Housing providers.

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    News Editor  - 25.05.2020, 19:08

    Asia Pacific Water Heater Market

    Graphical Research has published growth forecasts to 2026 for the commercial and residential electric water heater markets in Asia Pacific.

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    News Editor  - 22.04.2020, 10:15

    Regaining Control Over Swimming Pools

    Heat recovery and humidity specialist for the swimming pool market, Heatstar, has worked with CAREL to develop new control and connectivity features.

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    FM Editor  - 27.02.2020, 13:34

    Supporting the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chelmsford

    Advanced piping products from SANHA, and a team of over 11,000 volunteers, are helping to transform a former scrap yard in Chelmsford, Essex into state-of-the-art headquarters facility for the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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    David Neville  - 09.01.2020, 22:28

    Flexible Shafts and Commercial Drain Cleaning

    David Neville, account manager with S.S. White Technologies Inc, looks at processes and equipment commonly used for clearing severely blocked drains, including "flexible shafts" which were pioneered by his company.