Health, Safety, Security & Environment

  • Lincoln Financial Field. (photo: marycarmenm)
    News Editor  - 13.08.2020, 20:15

    Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Accreditation

    The Philadelphia Eagles' security program at Lincoln Financial Field has received SAFETY accreditation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for its robust anti-terrorism procedures and technologies.

  •  (photo: Stuart Manley)
    Karen Trigg  - 10.08.2020, 13:24

    The Importance of Door Hardware

    Allegion UK's Karen Trigg considers the importance for saving lives of door hardware selection and routine fire checks.

  •  (photo: Lina Kivaka)
    News Editor  - 03.08.2020, 15:27

    SOCOTEC Wins Preferred Supplier Status

    Testing and compliance service provider SOCOTEC has been conferred with preferred supplier status by Jaguar Building Services.

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    News Editor  - 28.07.2020, 17:27

    Growing Demand for Polyester Webbing

    The polyester woven webbing market is experiencing a resurgence as demand overcomes short-term disruption caused by the closure of manufacturing plant to Covid-19.

  •  (photo: Rentokil Initial)
    Jaimie Woodhall  - 27.07.2020, 02:26

    Preparing your Facility for the Return to Work

    Jamie Woodhall, technical and innovations manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, explains how the company is helping employers and facilities managers ensure people return to their workplaces safely.

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    News Editor  - 17.07.2020, 09:59

    Hand Inspection Cabinet for Schools

    UK educational equipment supplier HBS Group is distributing Daro UV System's hand inspection cabinet into schools and nurseries.

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    News Editor  - 15.07.2020, 14:21

    Helping Repopulate Offices and Buildings

    A new facial recognition and thermal imaging solution from Edinburgh-based Purview Services was developed after the company's CEO, Reddy Punna, became infected with Covid-19 on a business trip to India.

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    News Editor  - 15.07.2020, 12:58

    Response to UK Building Control Recommendations

    The Association for Project Safety (APS) is supporting recommendations from the construction sector’s Future of Building Control Working Group in a report published ahead of tomorrow's expected proposals from the UK government for building safer buildings.

  •  (photo: )
    Karen Trigg  - 10.07.2020, 09:22

    Another Barrier of Protection

    Karen Trigg from Allegion UK presents the case for antimicrobial door and window hardware finishes.

  •  (photo: Jonas Axelsson)
    News Editor  - 08.07.2020, 17:52

    Elevated Skin Temperature Detection

    FLIR Systems has launched FLIR EST, a range of thermal cameras offering almost instantaneous detection of elevated human body temperature without skin contact.