Workspace Management

  •  (photo: Anna Shvets)
    Rene Buhay  - 30.11.2020, 13:07

    Why Video Conferencing Has Saved 2020

    Rene Buhay, VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe, discusses the upsurge in video conferencing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and its impact on businesses as well as families.

  •  (photo: Elina Krima)
    Steve Purvis  - 04.09.2020, 00:45

    Flexible Spaces and the Supply Chain

    Steve Purvis, operations director at Bis Henderson Space, explains why flexible spaces are an important supply chain consideration in times of uncertainty.

  •  (photo: Rentokil Initial)
    Jaimie Woodhall  - 27.07.2020, 02:26

    Preparing your Facility for the Return to Work

    Jamie Woodhall, technical and innovations manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene, explains how the company is helping employers and facilities managers ensure people return to their workplaces safely.

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    News Editor  - 14.07.2020, 14:42

    UHF Radio Network for Europe’s Largest Smart Energy Testbed

    A UHF radio network from MMX has been delivered to the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) partnership between Keele University and Siemens.

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    News Editor  - 10.07.2020, 11:07

    The Perfect Work-Life Balance

    With COVID-19 reshaped thinking about office-based working in the UK, Burrough Court in Leicestershire is rolling out a blended "Home & Hub" lifestyle concept.

  •  (photo: Sergei Akulich)
    News Editor  - 09.07.2020, 18:01

    Reimagining IAQ for the New Normal

    Johnson Controls is helping building owners and operators identify strategies for improving IAQ to counter the spread of Covid-19.

  •  (photo: Essow Kedelina)
    News Editor  - 07.07.2020, 10:29

    Contactless Building Solutions for the New Normal

    Johnson Controls has introduced a suite of contactless solutions to help facilities managers meet social distancing and hygiene requirements during Covid-19 reopening.

  •  (photo: Siemens AG)
    News Editor  - 23.06.2020, 15:22

    Making Touchless Offices the New Normal

    A strategic global patnership between Salesforce and Siemens is promising to support businesses returning to work by building smart, connected workplaces of the future.

  •  (photo: Karolina Grabowska)
    News Editor  - 18.06.2020, 20:32

    Is Your Workplace Safe?

    ISS has launched Pure Space, a bolt-on disinfectant product to complement cleaning services it already provides in workplaces.

  •  (photo: Sony Corporation)
    News Editor  - 17.06.2020, 19:46

    Sony Enhances TEOS with Smart Automation

    Sony has launched TEOS 2.2, an update to its popular workspace management solution.