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    Cathy Spears  - 10.06.2020, 20:26

    The Case for Specialist Tax Consultants

    The long-term benefits of specialist tax accountants for businesses are frequently overlooked when discussion focuses too closely on their fees.

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    FM Editor  - 12.02.2020, 11:05

    Innovating Cash Management

    NatWest has launched Intelligent Safe, a solution for same-day crediting of cash transactions without visiting a bank branch that has been developed with G4S.

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    Cathy Spears  - 07.02.2020, 13:35

    Trends in Promotional Merchandising

    With the trade show season firmly underway, Cathy Spears looks at the latest trends in promotional and branded gifts merchandising.

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    Cathy Spears  - 21.01.2020, 20:05

    Healthcare: Why Medical Indemnity Insurance is Important

    Cathy Spears explains why professional indemnity insurance makes sense in the medical industry.

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    FM Editor  - 08.07.2019, 10:39

    Mitie Expands Document Management Capabilities

    Mitie Document Management has announced plans to double the number of invoices it processes for clients annually to 2 billion following the installation of new high-speed scanners with OCR software.

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    Mar Beltran  - 18.06.2019, 03:28

    PFI Not to Blame

    Despite often vociferous claims by its detractors, Mar Beltran, S&P Global Ratings’ senior director for infrastructure, EMEA, argues the private finance initiative (PFI) model wasn't to blame for Carillion's demise.

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    FM Editor  - 03.06.2019, 14:57

    Banking on Speed

    OSG Group subsidiary and omnichannel billing and payment solutions provider, Communisis, has achieved key milestones in BPO contracts with UK retail banks, following the installation of ultra-high volume scanners and capture software.

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    FM Editor  - 20.05.2019, 14:10

    Protecting Commercial Property from Water Damage

    Life safety products manufacturer Vimpex is marketing a configurable water leak detection system which is designed to protect commercial property from water damage which is estimated at around £800 million annually in the United Kingdom.

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    European Rental Association (ERA)  - 17.04.2019, 21:43

    Better Transparency for Equipment Stakeholders

    The European Rental Association (ERA) has redesigned and upgraded its free-to-use ‘calculator’ which works out the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for equipment.

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    Swift Payment Solutions  - 18.02.2019, 20:46

    Incentivising Millennial Multifamily Ownership

    According to a survey by a leading U.S. prepaid payment solutions provider, 52 per cent of U.S. millennials and Generation Z are delaying home ownership